This is a preliminary meeting to discuss a single family home development to be located on the vacant property between Wendell and East 43rd (18-03-16-20-00700 and 02800). Their plan is to develop 27 houses on the 9+ acres, preserving the vegetation at the north end of the property and the drainage area crossing the southern part of the property. They are pursuing this as a Planned Unit Development.

Planned Unit Development: Wendell and East 43rd

A planned unit development of 26 single family homes for sale on two large existing lots totaling about 9.2 acres on the vacant property between Wendell and East 43rd (18-03-16-20-00700 and 02800) was the subject of discussion on Tuesday night. The homes being planned are contemporary style, predominately one-story with low-pitched roofs. They will be approximately…


Use Fireworks in Eugene Legally and Safely

Within Eugene, unless a group receives prior city approval, fireworks that are legal for retail purchase can be used only between June 23 and July 6 and December 31 and January 1. The use of illegal fireworks during anytime of the year, or the use of fireworks that are legal for retail purchase other than…


Southeast Neighbors Board Minutes: June 9, 2015

Board Members Present: Heather Sielicki, Roberly Hearsch, William Zwicker, Duncan Rhodes, Len Epstein, Emily Fox, Debbie Hebert, Ken Beeson, Jenny Oberst Board Members Absent: Lealan Swanson Neighbors Present:  Pete Burger, David Saul, Don Metheny Topics: Ken Beeson was elected to fill the vacant At-Large Board position vacated by Deborah Noble Don Metheny presented a letter addressed…


Graffiti Reports

The church located behind Haggen’s Market has an entire wall (facing 32nd) brightly tagged. Reports of other graffiti incidents have been popping up in the neighborhood. Taggers often refer to themselves as “street artists” or “writers” and to their tags as “art.” They don’t view their acts as unlawful, believing that tagging is self-expression. However, their…


Neighborhood Work Party @ Tugman Park

The next Tugman Park maintenance day is scheduled for Saturday, May 30 from 9-noon. We will work on weeding the sand in the playground area, landscaping beds, and if the weather is good, doing some bench slat replacement or painting. Tools and gloves are provided by Parks & Open Space. It’s always a good time!