Deerbrook Planned Unit Development (PUD) Meeting

Water of Amazon HeadwatersDear Friends and Neighbors,

Yes, we’re girding up again in Eugene, Oregon to stand up against the Deerbrook PUD, and to save the Amazon Headwaters Keystone! The next step, this week, is for everyone who can to attend the developer’s required pre-application meeting:

When: Tuesday, January 10, 2012 at 5:30pm
Where: Hilyard Community Center, 2580 Hilyard Street

See you there! BTW, we’re also looking for some new board members for Southeast Neighbors. If you’re interested, please contact one of the current board officers like Deborah Noble, or me, and also plan to come to the SEN board meeting on Tuesday at 7pm.

Background Info
The developer’s pre-application meeting with the neighborhood is a recently-introduced requirement of the PUD process in Eugene. We’ve been through a couple of these so far on somewhat smaller projects (like the Amazon Cottages thing at 30th and Hilyard).

The official concept of these meetings is to provide for an open exchange of information between the developer and the neighborhood. Based on our experience to date, that seems like a naive expectation. The meeting for the Amazon Cottages, with the same project leader – Carol Schirmer – was essentially a developer’s sales job on how great the project would be. Much of the info presented was misleadingly irrelevant, like pretty drawings of the buildings – since they can build buildings that look any way they want, once the land use application is approved.

I think it is a valuable event for all of us to go to, to show that the neighborhood is engaged – like, we haven’t forgotten about saving the headwaters!!! – and to listen respectfully.

Page three of this neighborhood newsletter has a location map showing the area of the Deerbrook PUD – number (2) on the map:

(We previously all worked together to block the Green Valley Glen PUD, number (1) on the map – and now that Amazon Headwaters East Fork Forest is protected city parkland!)

And here’s an existing edition of our white paper on saving the Amazon Headwaters (currently being updated for subsequent events):

There may not be much for us to say to the developers at the meeting this Tuesday. We’re not interested in fine-tuning their development application.

What we are interested in, is finding a true compromise – between environment and economics – where the developers can recoup their costs by selling this land to the city at a fair price, and we can help make that win-win transaction a reality!

I’d love it if we didn’t have to go through another big land use fight first. But for anything short of eminent domain, the developers still control the terms of engagement on that.

See you Tuesday!

with all best wishes,

Kevin Matthews