Board Meeting Minutes: Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Southeast Neighbors Board Meeting Minutes: Tuesday, March 13, 2012, 7:00pm to 9:00pm

Attending: Kevin Matthews, SEN President; Deborah Noble, SEN Board Member; David Saul, Newsletter Editor/SEN Board Member; Heather Sielicki, Acting SEN Secretary; Kent Anderson, SEN Member; Alicia McGraw, SEN Member. Total attendance of 6.

Welcome, introductions:

The meeting started shortly after 7pm, with attendees seated in a half-circle facing the whiteboard.  Going around the circle, attendees introduced themselves.

I.  Envision Eugene

The purpose of Envision Eugene is to help plan for growth and development within the city. Kevin discussed his observations stemming from his year+ involvement with the Technical Resource Group (TRG), a group formed out of the Community Resource Group to review and vet the technical assumptions and analysis methodology for Envision Eugene.

The City Manager’s presentation of the complete draft recommendation for Envision Eugene to the City Council is scheduled for March 14, 2012. To assess neighborhood impact, Kevin advised neighbors to play close to attention to the following key areas of the plan; recommended housing mix (see for definition and details), residential urban expansion, and industrial urban expansion.

II. General Meeting and Newsletter

The general elections meeting will be held in May, 2012 to elect a neighborhood association president and vice-president. There are 8 additional board member positions serving in the organization, including newsletter editor, secretary, and treasurer, which are made by appointment. We will discuss the community impact of the Envision Eugene recommendations in detail at the meeting.

The spring neighborhood newsletter will also contain an article about the recommendations. Additional neighborhood news and views can be sent to newsletter editor David Saul at no later than March 31, 2012. We request that any submissions sent to, mentioned in the previous newsletter, please be resent – we experienced technical difficulties. The mail-out date for the newsletter is scheduled for mid-April.

II. Land Use Applications

Kevin Matthews briefly discussed the land use applications received by the City of Eugene between 02/06/12 and 02/24/12 ( It was determined that no action is required by SEN regarding the applications.

IV. Board Members

Kevin Matthews made a motion to nominate Heather Sielicki as Board secretary. The motion was seconded by Deborah Noble. The motion passed 3-0.

Due to the unknown status of one of the board members, we were unable to determine if we had a majority of Board members to constitute a quorum. As a result, Kevin Matthews made a motion to have Heather Sielicki continue acting as Board secretary until she can stand for election with a quorum. The motion was seconded by David Saul. The motion passed 3-0.

V. Web Site and Communication

David Saul and Heather Sielicki recommended that the neighborhood move to the new SEN web site at to provide updated information and to streamline communication. Kevin Matthews expressed concerns about retiring until adequate documentation regarding the new site is provided. Heather will prepare documentation to include site administration and communication guidelines.

VI. Bike Project

David Saul discussed Newt Chapin’s request for a Cycle Track instead of a Buffered Bike Lane along West Amazon in the Transportation Plan (see for enhanced safety. A more detailed study into this opportunity is required. The group decided to establish a SEN Bicycle Committee. Membership on the committee will be solicited in the upcoming neighborhood newsletter. Kent Anderson and Alicia McGraw offered to pass along the information to people in their cycling groups.

The meeting adjourned shortly after 9pm.