Board Meeting Minutes: Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Attending: Kevin Matthews, SEN President; Deborah Noble, SEN Board Member; Carol Pearce, SEN Board Member; David Saul, Newsletter Editor/SEN Board Member; Heather Sielicki, Secretary/SEN Board Member; Kent Anderson, Board Member; and Alicia McGraw, Board Member.Total attendance of 8.

I. Arrivals/Greetings:

The meeting started shortly after 7pm, with attendees seated in a circle.

II. Visitor Comments/Agenda Review:

The agenda, with items for consideration submitted by David Saul, Heather Sielicki, and Kevin Matthews, was discussed and agreed upon.

III. Issues:

The meeting started shortly after 7pm, with attendees seated in a half-circle facing the whiteboard.  Going around the circle, attendees introduced themselves.

  • Agenda Formats: The SEN agenda structure, such as the one used in these meeting minutes, was clarified and discussed.
  • Newsletter Details: David Saul updated the board on the current progress of the newsletter. He is waiting for a Deerbrook PUD article from Kevin and a response from Juan Carlos Valle to questions posed to candidates hoping to represent south Eugene’s Ward 2. Councilor Betty Taylor and Jim Ray responded in the time frame requested. David also needs a meeting location to publicize the May General meeting. Heather Sielicki will follow up with Hilyard and Amazon Community Centers to reserve space or find an alternate facility.
  • Active Status: There was a discussion about how we can return our neighborhood to a state of recognized active status by the city. It was changed to semi-active status because the required number of general meetings was not reached.
  • Neighborhood Report: There was discussion regarding the city’s neighborhood analysis report and a desire to review the material using a side-by-side comparison method. Also discussed was the annual neighborhood association report. Heather Sielicki will follow up with Michael Kinnison to determine next steps to ensure our association is in compliance and contact the previous secretary if additional information regarding the 2012 calendar year is required.
  • SEN Board List: The three email lists used by the association were clarified. The list sen_board is used as a board member only discussion list. The list sen_discuss is used for SEN members seeking greater detail regarding association concerns and activities. The list sen_members is an announcement only list used for meeting dates or important announcements. It was decided that the monthly reminder for subscribers should be changed to a quarterly reminder and updated with improved content. Subscriptions to the public lists can be managed at
  • Board and Secretary Elections: Kevin Matthews made a motion to nominate Heather Sielicki as secretary. The motion was seconded by David Saul. The motion passed 4-0. Kevin Matthews made a motion to nominate Heather Sielicki as board member. The motion was seconded by Deborah Noble. The motion passed 4-0. Her term will end in 2013. Heather Sielicki made a motion to nominate Alicia McGraw and Kent Anderson as board members. The motion was seconded by Carol Pearce. The motion passed 4-0. Their terms will end in 2013. Seven of eight positions are now filled. A treasurer is still needed to complete the board. Nominations for president and vice-president will be solicited in the April newsletter and elections will be held at the general meeting on May 8, 2012. Kevin Matthews intends to volunteer as president for the 2013 term. The vice-president slot is currently open. Kevin has an article recruiting board members he will locate and forward to the sen_board list to assist with recruitment efforts.
  • Deerbrook PUD: The application for a 75 lot/dwelling development was filed on 3/19/12. The related documents are available online at the City of Eugene Planning Division web site. Concerns were raised about proposed road plans near the West Amazon and Martin Street access to Amazon creek and lots proposed in the headwaters canyon on steep slopes with unconsolidated soils that have a real potential to destroy both the creek ecology and the headwaters trail hiking environment. The strategy likely to be used by Bill Kloos, the developer’s attorney, was considered. The board planned to meet with city staff in May to discuss the application.
  • May General Meeting: The next general meeting will be held on May 8, 2012. The main agenda items will include the Deerbrook PUD, the community impact of the Envision Eugene recommendations, and the election of president and vice-president for the 2013 term.

IV.  Adjourn:

The meeting adjourned shortly after 9pm.