E/W Amazon Bike/Ped Walkabout Monday, May 7th

You’re invited to a walkabout to discuss bicycle/pedestrian improvements on E/W Amazon Drive.  Our Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan lists these road segments as buffered bike lanes but we’re looking into other design concepts (cycle track, shared use path) and would like to perform a neighborhood walkabout to collect other ideas for a grant application we’re preparing.  You’re invited to the walkabout on Monday, May 7th, at 10am at the southwest corner sidepath located on the west side of Hilyard south of E 33rd (map here). We’re interested in looking at the following:

  • Bicycle improvement project on E/W Amazon Drive (34th to Snell)
  • Widen the sidewalk on the west side of Hilyard (to and through Tugman Park)
  • Improvements to the Hilyard/34th/Amazon intersection
  • Pedestrian bridge crossings of Amazon Creek

The purpose of the walkabout would be to experience and discuss existing walking and bicycling conditions to determine future project needs.  After the walkabout we would also like to hold one or two community workshops to discuss facility types and locations.  Based on the level of support and project type we anticipate submitting a grant application to ODOT for Transportation Enhancement funding.

Please write or call with questions.  I look forward to seeing you on Monday, May 7th.

Reed Dunbar, AICP
Associate Transportation Planner
99 E. Broadway, Suite 400
Eugene, OR 97401-3174
Phone: 541-682-5727
Fax: 541-682-5598