Meeting Minutes: Southeast Neighborhood Association Meeting and Annual Board Elections

Date/Time: Tuesday, May 8, 2012, 7:00pm to 9:00pm
Location: Spencer Butte Middle School Library, Eugene, OR


Kevin Matthews, President/Board Member; Lindsay Selser, Vice President/Board Member; Deborah Noble, Board Member; Carol Pearce, Board Member; David Saul, Newsletter Editor/ Board Member; Heather Sielicki, Secretary/Board Member; Kent Anderson, Board Member; Alicia McGraw, Board Member; Pavel Gubanikhin, Board Member; Madronna Holdern, Board Member; Betty Taylor, Eugene City Councilor, Ward 2; Anita Sullivan; Edwin Good; Marcus Lanskey; Jan Carole Valle; Pat Spicer; Chuck Davis; Pat Johnston; Doug Black; Kim Ruby; Pete Ruby; Debbie Hebert; Mimi Raiter; Total attendance of 23

I.  Arrivals/Greetings: The meeting started shortly after 7pm.

II.  Visitor Comments/Agenda Review: The agenda was discussed and agreed upon. Several attendees had comments to share:

  1. Doug Black, representing the Eugene Neighborhood Leaders Council Committee on Sustainability, talked about the the 2012 “Green Neighbors (not just) Bike Tours” Tours. Last year’s events included close to 600 total participants. The group is looking for neighborhood examples of gardening, permaculture, green energy, rainwater collection, beekeeping, chickenkeeping, community gardens, neighborhood cooperation, and more. If you are interested in helping to lead or organize a tour, please contact Doug at <> and visit to learn more about the organization.
  2. Juan Carlos Valle, a candidate for Eugene City Councilor representing Ward 2, briefly shared some of his reasons for seeking a position on the City Council. Pavel Gubanikhin asked a question about his stated opposition to using bond funding for road repairs in the 5/12 neighborhood newsletter and Pete Ruby commented on an article he read about Mr. Valle in Exito Magazine, a Spanish-language magazine that serves the Latino community in Lane County, Oregon. More information can be found about Juan Carlos Valle and his platform at
  3. Marcus Lanskey spoke about Eugene’s opportunity to have a voice in controlling carbon emissions into the Earth’s atmosphere from U.S. sources. He is working on a resolution to be considered by the Eugene city council and, if approved, will be signed by the city requesting that the EPA and President Obama control carbon emissions under the Clean Air Act. Several cities have already signed a similar resolution including Seattle WA, Salt Lake City UT, Berkeley CA, Oxnard CA, and Buffalo NY. After the resolution is introduced to the council, Eugene citizens will have 2 forums to speak their minds (for a maximum of 3 minutes each) about the resolution before the city council at the downtown Civic Center. Mr. Lanskey is seeking neighborhood support and can be reached at <>.
  4. Lindsay Selser, representing the City of Eugene Transportation Planning, spoke about Eugene Sunday Streets, a free community event that rolls into Eugene every summer and is brought to you by the City of Eugene. The event features about 3 miles of a traffic-free streets that open for people to walk, bike, and roll. This year’s event will take place on September 9, 2012. Ms. Selser encouraged the neighborhood’s participation.

III.  Issues:

  • Elections:Interested Board candidates for the 2013 term were presented: Kevin Matthews, Madronna Holden, Alicia McGraw, and Kent Anderson. Additional nominations were made from the floor. Lindsay Selser nominated herself for vice-president. Pavel Gubanikhin nominated himself for board member, with a desire to participate as Board Treasurer. Ballots were distributed, neighborhood members voted, and the votes were counted. All candidates were voted to office.
  • Deerbrook PUD: The 75 lot/dwelling development is currently undergoing a completeness review. Kevin Matthews reviewed imagery of large earthflows in high-precision LIDAR mapping commissioned by Friends of Eugene and spoke about the challenges faced regarding the proposal. A wiki page with links to current and background material on the Amazon Headwaters Keystone and the Deerbrook PUD application can be found at Volunteers and financial contributions are requested to help fight the development. A response (to be printed in the next edition of the newsletter) has been requested from the PUD applicants. Contributions to the newsletter are always encouraged.
  • Bicycle/Pedestrian Improvements: Lindsay Selser discussed improvements planned for our neighborhood including increasing the width of the sidewalk on the west side of Hilyard Street from 34th Avenue to Tugman Park, building a pedestrian bridges across Amazon Creek, and adding buffered bike lanes or other design concepts (cycle track, shared use path) on E/W Amazon Drive. An open house meeting to engage participants in a discussion about possible improvement options will occur on May 22 at the Hilyard Center. Additional details will be posted at

IV.   Adjourn:

The meeting adjourned shortly after 9pm.