Southeast Neighbors Board Meeting Minutes: Tuesday, June 13, 2012, 7:00pm to 9:00pm

Attending: Kevin Matthews, President/Board Member; Lindsay Selser, Vice President/Board Member; Deborah Noble, Board Member; Carol Pearce, Board Member; David Saul, Newsletter Editor/ Board Member; Heather Sielicki, Secretary/Board Member; Kent Anderson, Board Member; Alicia McGraw, Board Member; Pavel Gubanikhin, Board Member: Total attendance of 9

I. Arrivals/Greetings: The meeting started at 7pm, with attendees seated in a circle.

II. Visitor Comments/Agenda Review: The agenda was discussed and agreed upon.

III.  Issues:

  • Newsletter: David Saul and Heather Sielicki updated the board about the Publications Workshop/Training they attended. Samples of other neighborhood publications were shared. The group discussed the June 2012 newsletter, which was published by request of city Neighborhood Services to distribute an article about the Deerbrook PUD written by the property owner representatives.  The publication of the newsletter exhausted the neighborhood’s budget for the remainder of the fiscal year. Numerous factually misleading statements contained within the said article were remarked upon by board members, and the way in which the city interpreted the equal-time policy was critically examined.
  • Annual Picnic: It was decided that the neighborhood’s annual picnic shall take place on Sunday, September 15th, a week after the Sunday Streets event. Lindsay Selser will reserve space at Tugman park from 4:30pm to 7:00pm. A committee will be formed to plan the event which may include games, activities from parks and recreation, and live music. To help with the picnic, please contact Heather at
  • Sunday Streets: Eugene Sunday Streets, a free community event featuring 3 miles of a traffic-free streets that open for people to walk, bike, and roll will take place on September 9, 2012 near the Amazon Community Center. Lindsay Selser, representing the City of Eugene Transportation Planning department, will offer free booth space to surrounding neighborhoods. The picnic committee will also take responsibility for planning neighborhood involvement at the event.
  • Bicycle/Pedestrian Improvements: Alicia McGraw discussed the E/W Amazon Drive Active Transportation Workshop which took place on Tuesday, May 22nd to discuss walking and biking improvements for E/W Amazon Drive (from Hilyard Street to Snell Street). The turnout for the workshop exceeded expectations. On June 6th, the city submitted an application to receive grant funding for the project. Lindsay Selser will provide a status update later in the week.
  • South Willamette Area – Draft Concept Plan: The board talked about the upcoming South Willamette Area – Draft Concept Plan presentation on Thursday, June 27th at 5pm at the Hilyard Center. Kent Anderson will publish reminders to SEN_Discuss, facebook, and the wordpress site.
  • Deerbrook PUD: Since the previous meeting, members of the board, together with local environmental groups, have met with city staff and secured legal representation.The Deerbrook Planned Unit Development has been examined in great detail and there is a feeling of optimism regarding the overall outcome. A public hearing for the Deerbrook PUD application is scheduled for Thursday June 28 at 5PM in the Council Chambers at City Hall, 99 West 10th Ave. Testimony can be submitted in a written statement to the Hearings Official c/o Becky Taylor; Associate Planner, Eugene Planning Division, 99 West 10th Ave Eugene OR 97401. A large attendance from the neighborhood will help to reflect our position to save the Amazon Headwaters Keystone. For more information regarding the Deerbrook PUD application, visit Volunteers and financial contributions are requested to help fight the development.

IV. Adjourn: The meeting adjourned shortly before 9pm.