Board Meeting Minutes: Tuesday, July 11, 2012

Southeast Neighbors Board Meeting Minutes: Tuesday, July 11, 2012, 7:00pm to 9:00pm

Attending: Kevin Matthews, SEN President; David Saul, Newsletter Editor/SEN Board Member; Heather Sielicki, SEN Secretary; Pavel Gubanikhin, Treasurer; Carol Pearce, SEN Board Member; William Collinge, SEN Member; and Juan Carlos Valle, SEN Member and candidate for Eugene City Councilor representing Ward 2. Total attendance of 7.

Welcome, introductions:

The meeting started shortly after 7pm, with attendees seated in a half-circle.  Going around the circle, attendees introduced themselves.

I.  Neighborhood Concerns

Sandy Bond spoke to Kevin Matthews before the meeting to share her concerns about speeding on 36th between Donald and Hilyard and requested traffic calming devices be installed to encourage slower driving. She also felt the lighting on Donald should be improved. The board discussed the possibility of hosting a meeting about traffic concerns in the neighborhood to flush out interest. Volunteers are welcome and encouraged to move this topic forward. Contact the board to help improve traffic conditions in the Southeast.

A neighbor who requested he remain anonymous discussed a concern about escalating drug activity, potentially heroin, between Kincaid and East Amazon in the neighborhood of 35th. Board members advised escalation of the matter to Chief Kerns if police response continued to be inadequate; to request additional patrols in the area to increase law enforcement presence; and to start a neighborhood crime watch group. Heather Sielicki will email him a flyer about how to form a group in his neighborhood. Our Crime Prevention Specialist, Steven Chambers, has been notified about the situation and is now working with neighbors and the police. All calls regarding drug activity in this area should be made to Steven Chambers at 541-682-5178.

II. Picnic Update

The annual neighborhood picnic/potluck has been scheduled for Sunday, September 16 at Tugman Park from 5:00pm to 7:30pm. Equipment, including two canopies to be used in case of rain, has been reserved. Several board members plan to meet later in the month to plan entertainment and speakers. Volunteers are welcome and encouraged to help organize the event, share a talent, and participate in setup and break down. Contact the board for details.

III. Communication to Neighbors

To get the word out about the neighborhood picnic and other upcoming area events, the board decided to send out a postcard mailing on August 22, 2012.

IV. Website Consolidation

The board discussed the move from the legacy web site to the current wordpress edition. As a next step, the main page will be updated and Kevin will get a wordpress account. The primary domain will be directed to the wordpress site at an unspecified time.

V. Deerbrook PUD

Kevin Matthews updated the group on the status of the Deerbrook PUD. The hearing in June was postponed until August 1, 2012 and, following a a staff report recommending denial, a modified application was submitted to the city for review. The Law Offices of Charles M. Tebbutt, P.C. have been retained to represent the opposition to the development.

The meeting adjourned shortly after 8:40pm.