Events Committee Meeting Minutes: Monday, August 6, 2012

Attending: Lindsay Selser, SEN Vice-President; Heather Sielicki, SEN Secretary; Alicia McGraw, SEN Board Member. Total attendance of 3.

I.  Annual Picnic Potluck at Tugman Park on Sunday, September 16, 2012

The annual picnic will take place next month. Here are some of the logistics discussed during the meeting. Volunteers are needed to help make this year’s picnic the best yet. Contact us to volunteer your time or donate goods or services for the event.

  • Equipment Pick-up and Return: We have reserved 2 canopies, 2 tables, 1 recycle kit, 5 dish kits (100 pieces), a sound system, easel, and bike maps. All items need to be returned no later than Tuesday, Sept 18, 2012 (dishes clean, sanitized, and dry). Pick-up is scheduled for Friday, September 14, 2012. Alicia will pick up as many items as she can fit in her car. David Saul has also volunteered to help with equipment pick-up should there be a need. Lindsay will take the items home and return them to the City. Additional tables and chairs will be required; board members will be asked to bring extras and we will ask that people bring their own chairs or a picnic blanket to the event if possible. Lindsay will check to make sure we have electric hook-up for the sound system.
  • Door Prizes: We need to contact local businesses, clubs, restaurants, etc. to see if they will donate items for door prizes or help provide goods or services for the event. Heather will create a master list of businesses in the SE area together and the committee will begin making contact. Lindsay will obtain the raffle tickets to use during the event.
  • Publicizing the Event: Heather will update the SEN wordpress site with picnic information, create flyers to promote the event, and email drafts for review. She will also submit the details for the event to the Eugene Weekly, Oregon Family, the Register Guard, Travel Lane County, KLCC, KVAL, and Travel Oregon. We will promote the picnic at our Sunday streets booth. Other ideas for spreading the word? Please contact us.
  • Picnic Activities: Meeting neighbors and building community is what the event is all about. Heather will provide name tags, and Lindsay will create a neighborhood suggestion box and provide some conversation starter cards to get people talking. Heather will create sign-in sheets to gather information about attendees and provide opportunities to volunteer in the neighborhood or sign up for our email list. David is working with a local singing group to provide live music. Lindsay is going to work with her contacts at the city of Eugene to provide information at the picnic and recreation opportunities. She is also going to see if Playground Sports, who hosts the kickball league at Tugman park, would like to participate. Heather is going to contact Coconut Bliss to see if they could provide free ice cream samples.

II. SEN Booth at Sunday Streets on Sunday, September 9, 2012

Eugene Sunday Streets is an annual event that promotes healthy, active living by opening the city’s largest public space – its streets – for people to walk, bike and roll to discover active transportation in a safe, traffic-free environment. Lindsay will get us an information booth at the event to connect with neighbors.

  • We are going to have a large map showing neighborhood boundaries with pushpins available so neighbors can indicate where they live. Lindsay will check with Cindy Clarke to see if she has something like this available already. We are also going to create a “South Eugene Trivia” wheel for people to learn more about the area and a voting station where people can vote for a variety of categories in a “Best of South Eugene” poll.  Information about the Deerbrook PUD and past newsletters will be available for take-away. Additional volunteers for staffing the booth and managing the activities will be requested at the next Southeast Neighbors Board Meeting, scheduled in the Wild Geese room at the Tamarack Wellness Center on Tuesday, August 14th from 7pm-9pm.

The meeting adjourned shortly after 8:30pm.