Board Meeting Minutes: Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Attending: Kevin Matthews, President/Board Member; Lindsay Selser, Vice President/Board Member; Deborah Noble, Board Member; David Saul, Newsletter Editor/ Board Member; Heather Sielicki, Secretary/Board Member; Kent Anderson, Board Member; Alicia McGraw, Board Member; Pavel Gubanikhin, Board Member; Betty Taylor, Eugene City Councilor, Ward 2. Total attendance of 9.

Welcome, introductions:

The meeting started shortly after 7pm.

I.  Deerbrook PUD

The public hearing for the Deerbrook PUD application took place on Wednesday, August 1, 2012. There was a great turnout from neighbors and conservation supporters to show concern and support for preserving the Amazon Headwaters Keystone property. Many neighbors donated their testimony time allotment to allow for a more comprehensive testimony from Kevin Matthews and the council retained to represent the opposition to the development. The Deerbrook PUD hearing record has been held open for new testimony without restriction through 5pm on August 22, 2012. Comments can be submitted by email to Associate Planner Becky Taylor at “” or by mail to Hearings Official c/o Becky Taylor; Associate Planner, Eugene Planning Division, 99 West 10th Ave Eugene OR 97401.

II. Events Update

SEN is scheduled to staff a booth at Sunday Streets on Sunday, September 9, 2012. We are going to have a large map showing neighborhood boundaries with pushpins available so neighbors can indicate where they live, and provide a “South Eugene Trivia” wheel for people to learn more about the area. Information about the upcoming neighborhood picnic and past newsletters will be available for take-away.

The annual neighborhood picnic/potluck will take place on Sunday, September 16 at Tugman Park from 5:00pm to 7:30pm. Music from ukulele folk band “Late to Dinner” is scheduled and activities are planned, along with ample opportunities to capture neighbor feedback regarding future projects. Alicia has secured donations for door prizes from several local businesses. Volunteers are encouraged to help organize the event, provide donations for door prizes, and participate in setup and break down. Contact the board for details.

III. Matching Grant

On July 18, 2012 Neighborhood Services opened the 2013 cycle for the Neighborhood Matching Grants program. The grants program, with $30,000 available in funding, is intended to encourage Eugene residents to work collaboratively to identify and work on neighborhood improvements or community building projects. The board discussed past grants obtained by Southeast Neighbors for traffic calming and trail maintenance and brainstormed ideas for the coming year; such as neighborhood identification signs, a tool share program, and public fruit tree mapping. Contact the board with your ideas for the match. A vote for the best idea will be taken at the picnic and Sunday Streets Booth in September.

IV. South Willamette Street Improvement Plan

Lindsay Selser met with consultants working on the South Willamette Transportation Improvement Plan. She gave them feedback for enhancing the ability for all users to access the Willamette Street corridor. Bike access, good bus service, safety, parking, and an enhanced pedestrian experience are important considerations. A community meeting to discuss the plan will be scheduled for the fall. What are your ideas for improving this area? Send your feedback to Lindsay at

The meeting adjourned shortly after 8:45pm.