Events Committee Meeting Minutes: Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Attending: Heather Sielicki, SEN Secretary; Alicia McGraw, SEN Board Member; David Saul, SEN Newsletter Editor; Pavel Gubanikhin, SEN Board Treasurer. Total attendance of 4.

I. SEN Booth at Sunday Streets on Sunday, September 9, 2012

Eugene Sunday Streets is an annual event that promotes healthy, active living by opening the city’s largest public space – its streets – for people to walk, bike and roll to discover active transportation in a safe, traffic-free environment.

  • Lindsay has secured an information booth at the event for SEN to connect with neighbors. She has a big map with all the neighborhoods we can display and will be getting little pins for people to put on the map.
  • Heather and Pavel have volunteered to staff the booth during the first two hours of the event and Alicia and Kent will be taking over for the second half. Heather will bring save the date flyers to remind people about the picnic.
  • David will put together a list of talking points about Southeast Neighbors. Heather will create signage and sign up forms. Alicia will bring a clip board for the forms. Pavel will create a cardboard display for our SE trivia game. The committee will work on coming up with interesting SE trivia questions via email over the next two weeks. Contact us if you have some to contribute.

II.  Annual Picnic Potluck at Tugman Park on Sunday, September 16, 2012

The annual neighborhood picnic will take place next month.

  • Publicizing the Event: Heather has updated the SEN wordpress site with picnic information and created an Evite for people to use to invite neighbors to the event. Click on the Invite More button under the Who’s Coming header on the left of the page to invite additional people. Details for the event have been sent to the Eugene Weekly, the Register Guard, and KLCC. Flyers will be distributed over the next few weeks; Alicia will cover the businesses near Mazzi’s and the Amazon park area; David will cover the Safeway shopping center; Heather will cover the Market of Choice shopping center; and Pavel will cover downtown. Do you have a business where you can display a flyer? Download one here.
  • Equipment: Obtaining chairs for the event continues to be a struggle. We are waiting for a contact at the Amazon pool to call us back to see if they can help us out. Contact us if you know of a (free) source to lend us  chairs for the event.
  • Door Prizes/Donations: Heather will send an email to the SEN_disc list asking for additional donations. Pavel will contact Vanilla Jill’s to see if they can donate frozen yogurt. Alicia will send thank you notes via facebook to the businesses who have contributed so far.
  • Picnic Activities: David has secured the band from 5pm to 6pm. Heather added 3 easels to our equipment order to hold information and idea boards; one will hold information about the matching grants program; one will be a brainstorm board to capture feedback on post-its on a variety of topics; and the other one will display the neighborhood map or trivia board.

The meeting adjourned shortly after 8:00pm.