Board Meeting Minutes: December 2012

Attending: Kevin Matthews, President; Lindsay Selser, Vice President; David Saul, Newsletter Editor; Heather Sielicki, Secretary/Web Site; Deborah Noble, At-Large; Madronna Holden, At-Large; Alicia McGraw, At-Large; Kent Anderson, At-Large; Azra Khalidi, SE Neighbor; Chris Henry, Project Lead, City of Eugene Transportation Planning Engineer. Total attendance of 10.

Welcome, introductions:

The meeting started shortly after 7pm.

I.  South Willamette Street Improvement Plan

Chris Henry, Project Lead, City of Eugene Transportation Planning Engineer attended the meeting to share the South Willamette Street Improvement Plan presentation with the board and get feedback. The goal of the project is to make Willamette Street, which is used by thousands of cars daily, more friendly to bicyclists, pedestrians and bus riders while preserving vehicle access to businesses. The presentation reported the results of  recent traffic studies, explored alternatives, and shared some of the community feedback for future  improvements to the design and condition of Willamette Street between 24 th  and 32 nd avenues. Board members voiced support for increasing bike access to the street and concerns for vehicle access.

The second of three community forums will be held on February 27, 2013. At the forum, six alternatives to the existing street plan will be considered. Some include parallel bike routes; while others present a road diet with one travel lane in each direction, sharing a central turn lane. For more information about the project, visit or join the project email list by sending an email to Chris Henry at

II.  Letter of Support For Amazon Active Transportation Project

The Statewide Transportation Improvement Program (STIP) 2015-2018 – Amazon Active Transportation Corridor would fund a variety of multimodal improvements that would make it easier to walk, bike, and access transit in south Eugene.  The Amazon Active Transportation Corridor would reduce user conflicts by providing separated spaces for different transportation modes and increase access across the Amazon Creek. Lindsay Selser sent a draft of a letter recommending project funding to the board for review. Lindsay motioned that the board accept it with any recommended changes by email. Alicia McGraw seconded the motion. The motion was passed with 8 votes for sending the letter.

III.  Meetings and Communication

It was decided that the next SEN general meeting will take place on February 12. Heather Sielicki will reserve the Hilyard Center for the meeting. The next board meeting will be held meeting January 8. The board will decide agenda items at the next meeting and over email over the coming weeks. The next SEN newsletter final draft will need to go to city for printing and distribution by 1/18/13 in order to publicize the 2/12/13 meeting.

IV.  Deerbrook PUD

On Monday, December 10, the Eugene Planning Commission voted 4 to 3 in a straw poll to overturn the Hearings Official denial of the Deerbrook PUD in the Amazon Headwater Keystone. The final vote will be held on Monday, December 17. Kent Anderson motioned that the board follow through with a LUBA appeal as a next step. The motion was seconded by Madronna Holden. The motion was passed with 8 votes.

The meeting adjourned shortly after 9:15pm.

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    • LUBA is the Land Use Board of Appeals (LUBA). It was established by the Oregon Legislature in 1979. LUBA hears and rules on appeals of land use decisions made by local governments and special districts.

      LUBA is like an appellate court. It is not a political body. This means that LUBA´s procedures are more formal and its role is more technical than the role of local government decision makers. By filing a LUBA appeal, SEN will be challenging the legal sufficiency of the local government’s decision based on the evidence that was before the local government.

      For more information about LUBA, you can visit


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