LaurelRidge PUD Meeting with Developer: Thursday, January 31st at 6 pm

from a post on the LaurelRidge PUD Response Committee email distribution list by Bill Blix, LHVC executive committee member

If you live in the Laurel Hill Valley and have a view of the head of the valley at 30th Avenue, be prepared for a massive change in what you see. This bucolic, forested Laurel Creek headwater area will succumb to chain saws, bulldozers, backhoes and other hallmarks of construction. This, the largest PUD in city planning memory, of 121.68 acres (pretty much everything you see just below 30th), will be the site of 608 new residences, 408 of which are in apartments or condos. Think of this for a minute. This represents at least 1520 new neighbors if you assume two and a half people to a residence which might be conservative. But all of Laurel Hill Valley has 1613 citizens so this development represents a doubling of the valley population!

For now, all of the generated traffic will access by one point – the Spring Boulevard overpass connector to 30th. Since this kind of population represents at least 1000 cars and since there are no planned amenities in the immediate area, 30th Avenue will get more exciting and other roads will need to give access to I-5. This would mean roads such as Brackenfern or Everglade, which are not yet complete. Laurel Hill Valley is in for some mighty changes.

If you are interested in hearing more about this development, there will be a presentation by the PUD planners, the Schirmer Satre Group, at the Comfort Suites Hotel near the Glenwood Interchange at 3060 E 25th Ave at 6:00 pm on Thursday, January 31st. This is the neighborhood meeting required by the Eugene Code before an application is considered complete. This will be the only such presentation made.