Southeast Neighbors Board Meeting Minutes

taken by Pavel Gubanikhin, Treasurer

Tuesday, 3/12/13

Location: Tamarack Center, Wild Geese Room

Present: SEN Board Members Kevin Matthews/President, David Saul/Newsletter Editor, Deborah Noble, Alicia McGraw, Kent Anderson, Pavel Gubanikhin. ; Total attendance of 6

The meeting was called to order at 7:08 pm. Kevin asked board members for any items that may need to be added to the agenda.

Board members discussed the next SEN general meeting, which will be held at the Hilyard community center on Tuesday, May 14, 2013. Pavel will be reserving the large meeting room at the Hilyard community center for 5/14/13; David will check with Cindy Clarke regarding the available budget for the remainder of the fiscal year that may be available to cover the newsletter costs.

Kevin reported that several online contributions have been made via Friends of Eugene towards SEN’s Deerbrook PUD legal costs. Board members have briefly discussed the process of handling donations to save the Amazon Keystone area; those donations will continue to be handled through Friends of Eugene and Be Noble Foundation, which have the proper state and federal registrations.

Kevin asked SEN treasurer Pavel Gubanikhin to obtain SEN checkbook from Sharon Lee who is currently in possession of the SEN checkbook.

Kevin indicated that he will be meeting with the mayor, city manager, city attorney and city staff on Thursday, 3/14/13, to further discuss Deerbrook PUD and potential settlement. As part of this meeting, the availability of city resources, such as the parks and open space bonds, to acquire Deerbrook PUD site will be discussed. Kevin noted that SEN attorney continues to run up legal bills associated with the LUBA appeal of the Deerbrook PUD case, which is currently in the record establishment phase.

Kevin asked board members about potential fund raising ideas to help with the legal costs. An appeal for donations will be included in the upcoming neighborhood newsletter. City of Eugene staff have previously expressed concerns about soliciting donations via the newsletter, but Kevin has noted that other neighborhoods do solicit funds that way. SEN will need a further clarification regarding soliciting fund via the neighborhood newsletter.

Kent has suggested organizing a guided walk of Amazon headwaters/Deerbrook PUD area as part of fundraising to let people learn more about the area affected by this case. Board members have endorsed the guided hike idea.

It was discussed that SEN board members should also be making calls to reach out to people re: Deerbrook PUD fundraising. Deborah noted that fundraising events require a significant amount of effort and upfront expenses, so a more targeted approach may be a better choice. Ms. Noble has also suggested that SEN board members should focus on approaching potential donors who can afford substantial donations.

SEN board discussed the logistics of the guided hike of the Deerbrook PUD area. Deborah noted that it is also important to raise public awareness about this potential development, not just focus on the fundraising. Kevin stressed that current fundraising effort is focused on covering legal expenses and not the potential site acquisitions costs. Kevin has offered to lead a walk of the area.  A potential event at Cozmic Pizza or at Ninkasi was also discussed, similar to the Cascadia Wildlands fundraiser at Ninkasi. Kent has volunteered to check with Ninkasi regarding their availability for such event.

Board members have discussed the timing of the guided hike. Saturday morning, 4/13/13, was picked as the preferred date, with an event at Ninkasi to follow sometime in May.

Kevin suggested contacting folks who have previously donated money to save the Green PUD area to let them know about the Deerbrook PUD situations and the guided hike. Alicia raised a concern about the impact on fundraising if SEN does not prevail in its LUBA appeal. Kevin noted that there is a window of opportunity there, but it is not going to close in the next couple of months because of the timing associated with the appeal process. If there is a settlement in this case, legal fees will be addressed as part of that settlement.

Board has also discussed options for acquisition of Deerbrook PUD parcels by the city and their relationship to the existing or new property appraisal. Kevin has noted that the city may not be legally allowed to acquire the property for more than the appraised value.

The 4/13/13 guided hike will be in the morning at 10 am. Kevin stressed the importance of approaching specific donors. Pavel will ask Neighborhood Services staff for a list of free publicity options, e.g. Register- Guard’s community calendar, Eugene Weekly, KLCC, MetroTV, etc. Alicia will look into other outreach options, e.g. flyers, etc. Kevin has offered to approach other neighborhoods about making presentations on Deerbrook PUD. He stressed the importance of telling our side of the story to others in the community. Speaking at the City Council public forum on Monday, 4/8/13 (closest meeting to the 4/13/13 guided hike) and publicizing this event on the SEN website and Facebook were also discussed.

Kevin also suggested a SEN table at various local events to further our public outreach efforts.

In other matters, Kevin noted that he has switched the domain for the web site to the WordPress site, but there are still some issues with migrating archived contents. He noted the importance of being able to access archived contents, using the land use appeal fees for neighborhood associations as a recent example of an issue that required web site archival research.

With no further business to discuss, the meeting was adjourned at 8:22 pm.