Southeast Neighborhood CERT Team

Are you wondering what other steps you can take after CERT training? We had an informative Southeast CERT meeting April 4. We focused on two steps to take now:

  1. Map Your Neighborhood: First, we want our own family and block to be ready for a disaster. We encourage everyone who has not already gotten on board to participate in the city MAP YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD program. It requires meeting your neighbors (approximately 20 households), inviting them to a two hour talk and movie that includes a straight-forward 9 step plan. In the event of a major disaster the more blocks that are already set with a plan, the faster we will be able to find out what needs to be done and do it. Contact Rebecca at to get started on your block.
  2. CERT Teams: The next step to work on is creating groups of 8-10 CERT-trained folks by neighborhood to set up meeting places and put together a tool kit/cart for emergency response. At our first meeting April 4, Carlos Barrera showed us the tools and equipment he has been collecting, and handed out a list of tools and equipment. He has found many of his supplies at estate/garage sales. We would like to proceed in developing a team or teams in South Eugene, make a plan for meeting place(s), and begin to put together our response cart/kit.

There are 37 CERTs in Southeast Neighborhood, 17 in Crest and 22 in Friendly neighborhood. With a little organizing we could make a real difference if/when the big quake hits or there is some other disaster that requires quick response and volunteers working together. We know people have many commitments and hope to have infrequent meetings to hone skills and work on developing teams.

Our next meeting is Tuesday, April 30…we would like to get a Southeast Neighborhood Team going.

Contact us for meeting location and directions.