Meeting Minutes: Southeast Neighbors Board Meeting 4/9/13

Date/Time: Tuesday, April 10, 2013, 7:00pm to 8:30pm
Location: Annex Room, Tamarack Wellness Center, Eugene, OR

Attending: Kevin Matthews, President/Board Member; Kent Anderson, Board Member; Heather Sielicki, Board Member; Pavel Gubanikhin, Board Member; Shelia Stovall, SEN Member; Elaine Zablocki, SEN Member; David Monk, SEN Member; Alexandra Sielicki, SEN Member. Total attendance of 8.

I.  Arrivals/Greetings: The meeting started shortly after 7:00 PM.

II.  Agenda Items:

  • Deerbrook PUD Litigation update: Kevin and the legal team met with city leadership to discuss the purchase of Deerbrook land. The timing was not favorable; they will discuss it again after the May special election. Kevin described how a proposed appraisal to be jointly funded by the Beverly’s was not met with agreement. LUBA denied our objections and set April 29, 2013 as the date that our brief will be filed.
  • Amazon Creek Headwaters/Deerbrook PUD Hike: Heather sent a notice sent to the Weekly and Register Guard and Alicia contacted KLCC and the Disciples of Dirt mountain bike club to publish information about the event. Kevin will send a notification to the email discussion list this week. He will also supply hand outs at the event; a map/info sheet and a contribution form for donating to Friends of Eugene to help Save the Amazon Headwaters. Kevin will send Heather links to the PDFs of these documents for inclusion on the wordpress site.
  • Treasurers Report: Pavel tried to obtain the neighborhood checkbook from Sharon Lee, who has had it in her possession for 5+years, but was told he had to be an authorized user before she could give it to him. He tried to set up a meeting with Kevin to correct this problem but his call was not returned. He expressed concerns about the fiduciary responsibilities of SEN. Kevin agreed to meet with Pavel next week. Pavel will check with Sharon Lee to find a mutually agreeable time.
  • SEN Newsletter: Kevin set 4/25/13 as the date to get our final draft of the newsletter to the city for delivery to neighbors by 5/6/13. The submissions deadline will be 4/19/13. He wrote to the Beverlys and Bill Kloos to request a rebuttal to his last article about the Deerbrook property, a requirement of the Neighborhood Association Publication Policies for the “timely printing of differing viewpoints.” David Monk, working with Citizens for Truth, Justice and the American Way (people opposed to Ballot Measure 20-211, Eugene’s city services fee), requested space for an article representing his organization’s viewpoints. Kevin will follow up with Eugene Cares to solicit an opposing view for the newsletter. Heather requested space in the newsletter for an article she wrote to encourage more neighborhood involvement.
  • General/Elections Meeting: Five positions will be filled at our May 2013 meeting: President, Vice-President, and three 2 -year board positions. Kevin has all the paperwork and will provide ballots. Topics for the general meeting agenda will include debate/discussion about the city fee and jail levy, a Deerbrook PUD update, and a call for neighborhood participation. Pavel will contact groups for and against the jail levy and city service fees to obtain speakers.  We need a volunteer to solicit businesses to provide refreshments. [Alicia McGraw volunteered to do this on 4/10/13.]
  • Increasing Neighborhood Participation: Heather expressed concern that the labors of the board have not reflected the diversity of interests in our neighborhood. Pavel and Shelia shared feelings that our focus on fighting the Deerbrook PUD has overshadowed other efforts. There was discussion about the need for board champions to tackle other neighborhood problems and to prioritize neighborhood outreach in the coming year. Elaine gave input that more neighborhood hikes would be a good idea. Shelia suggested avenues for obtaining feedback from the greater community. Heather will talk about this at the general meeting in May and design sign-up posters to attract new volunteers to address neighborhood needs such as: disaster preparedness; crime prevention; street repairs; collaboration with neighborhood schools; social events and educational workshops; park improvements and neighborhood sustainability & permaculture. We can better assess our capabilities after seeing volunteer interests and commitment.

IV.   Adjourn:

The meeting adjourned shortly after 8:30 PM.