Meeting Minutes: Southeast Neighbors General Meeting with Annual Elections

Date/Time: Tuesday, May 14, 2013, 7:00pm to 9:00pm
Location: Spencer Butte Middle School Cafeteria, Eugene, OR

Attending: Kevin Matthews, President/Board Member; Lindsay Selser, Vice President; Deborah Noble, Board Member at Large; Pavel Gubanikhin, Treasurer; Heather Sielicki; Secretary; Kent Anderson, Board Member at Large; Alicia McGraw, Board Member at Large; Jan Bohman; Louis Nosce; Pat Spicer; Lisa Warnes; Mark Turner; Dan Reynolds; Judy Ness; Shelia Stigall; Sara Roadman; Debbie Hebert; David Saul; Rene Minz; Nancy Crawford; PJ Crawford; Lynne McDonald; Scott Altenhoff; Anneka McMillen; Carole Bennett; Kathleen Leonard; Lealan Swanson; Samoy Bond; Bob Brasted; Paul Gordon; Jason Nuckols; Elaine Weiss; Emily Steel; Dorothy Soper; Kelly Walters; Gerry Berch; Eric Kelly; J.B. Thomas; Karen Giese; Jimmy Murphy; Gayle Sawyer; Cezanne Bauer; Tom Bauer; Cindy Bauer; Ken Standhardt; Madronna Holden; David Monk; Bob Siegmund; Ryan Turner; Tom Halferty; Julie Beck; Diane Drost; Karen Covino; Toña Aguilar; Lily Lietermann; Kristen Liberty; Emily Fox. Total signed in for meeting: 57.

I.  Arrivals/Greetings: The meeting started shortly after 7:10 PM.

II.  Agenda Items:

  • Announcements:

    • Laura Illig, the campaign coordinator for the 4J Bond measure, Measure 20-210, spoke briefly about the bond measure that will repair and replace outdated schools; provide for technology improvements in every school in the district; allow 4J to spend more of its budget in the classroom instead of building repairs; and update curriculum materials like textbooks and science equipment. She left handouts and referred us to the web site for more detailed information. Ballots are due on 5/21.

    • Carrie Karl, Eugene Park Stewards South Region Volunteer Coordinator for the City of Eugene, Parks and Open Space Division, spoke about two park volunteer projects in need of neighborhood support. For details or to volunteer your time or the time of your neighborhood organization, please contact Carrie at 541-682-4850 or at Additional information about parks and rec volunteer needs in the Southeast Neighborhood can be found on our neighborhood web site Parks and Recreation page at

      • Volunteers are needed at Frank Kinney Park to help maintain the wood chip path surrounding the playground by removing weeds then adding wood chips, cleaning the park play structures and weeding landscape beds. Volunteers would work to help natural resources by weeding and mulching plantings along the creek and removing invasive species like blackberry from the Amazon Creek corridor.

      • Volunteers are needed at Tugman Park to help with landscape bed maintenance, cleaning play structures, painting over graffiti, play sand maintenance and removal of non-native species along the Tugman creek corridor to benefit native species.

    • Lindsay Selser, SEN Vice-President and City of Eugene Transportation Planner, talked about an upcoming meeting to discuss pedestrian crossings of 30th Avenue from Harris Street to University Street in south Eugene scheduled for Thursday, May 23rd at 6:00 pm in the Cafeteria at Camas Ridge Elementary School located at 1150 East 29th Avenue in Eugene. The purpose of the meeting will be to share existing conditions information such as traffic volume and speed data and to solicit community opinions about current crossing conditions.  Based on the outcome of this meeting and the evaluation of traffic data a second meeting to discuss infrastructure changes may be scheduled. See the 30th Avenue Crossing Improvement Project web page for more details.

  • Elections:

    • By request of neighbors with small children and conflicting time commitments, the neighborhood elections were moved up on the agenda to follow the announcements. Kevin Matthews announced that he would not be seeking a 14th term of office in order to pursue the the District 5 East Lane seat on the Board of County Commissioners and nominated Lisa Warnes for president. Pavel Gubanikhin nominated Heather Sielicki for president. Kevin Matthews nominated Lindsay Selser for Vice-President. For the four 2 -year board positions, nominations were made for Shelia Stigall, Emily Fox, Deborah Noble, David Saul, Gayle Sawyer, and Tom Halferty. Nominees were given the opportunity to speak briefly and then the membership cast votes, which were counted by Lindsay Selser and Pat Spicer.

    • Election results are as follows: Heather Sielicki, President; Lindsay Selser, Vice President; Deborah Noble, At-Large; David Saul, At-Large; Emily Fox, At-Large; and  Tom Halferty, At-Large.

  • Board Reports:

    • Secretary Report: Heather Sielicki shared some of the board’s updated digital communication abilities, highlighting an updated neighborhood web site at that includes news around the neighborhood, information about local schools, parks and recreation opportunities, an event calendar, and details about our neighborhood Community Emergency Response Team. SEN is also communicates through facebook and a neighborhood listserv. She talked about the board’s goal to expanding our efforts to improve our community to a wider range of issues and invited all neighbors to attend the next Outreach Committee Meeting on Tuesday, May 21st at 2:30pm at Hideaway Bakery.

    • Treasurer’s Report: Pavel Gubanikhin reviewed the financial report for the year. The SEN Treasurer Report was shared with meeting attendees.

  • City Service Fee Ballot Measure 20-211 Discussion:

III.   Adjourn: The meeting adjourned shortly before 9:00 PM.