Southeast Neighbors Board Meeting: 5/29/13

The Southeast Neighbors Board Meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, May 29th at 7pm in the Upstairs Annex Room (suite 500) in the South Hills Center next to the Tamarack Wellness Center. All neighbors are welcome to attend. The tentative agenda is as follows:

I.  Introductions [15 minutes]

  • Board member backgrounds and involvement goals for 2013.

II.  Announcements [15 minutes]

  • Public announcements.

II.  Approval of Meeting Minutes [5 minutes]

IV. New Board Transition Items [30 minutes]

  • Board Appointments

  • Administrative Issues

V. Board Reports: [25 minutes]

  • Deerbrook PUD: Update from Deborah Noble and Heather Sielicki about recent meeting with legal team. Status of LUBA Appeal. Oral Argument in June. Group discussion about legal costs. Reporting and neighborhood communication expectations. Potential conflicts of interest among board members. Kevin’s continued involvement in the case.

  • Treasurer’s Report: Update from Pavel Gubanikhin. Bank account update and action items. Budget and reporting expectations. Neighborhood Services cutbacks.

  • Outreach Committee: Update from David Saul and Heather Sielicki about Outreach Committee. Postcard mailing review.

VI. Neighborhood Projects and Committees Items: [30 minutes]

  • 30th Avenue Crossing Improvement Project

  • Summer Picnic Potluck Committee

  • Charter Review Committee

  • Cascade Canine Rescue East & West: Organizational overview from Lisa Warnes.

  • Tugman Park Improvement Committee

  • Land Use Committee
  • Additional Items

VII.   Adjourn