Cougar Sighting

cougar.sightingAttention Ridgeline Trail Hikers
Parks and Open Space staff received a call from a neighbor reporting a cougar near the Martin St. trailhead at Amazon Headwaters. We have also just received a report from ODFW of cougar activity in the vicinity of Blanton Ridge park over the last two weeks. Cougars are usually secretive and roam over large areas. These animals move through our region each year. While it is highly unlikely that you will encounter a cougar, if you see one do not turn your back. Make yourself look as large as possible and back away.

One thought on “Cougar Sighting

  1. HI All,
    This explains the intense and unique musty odor that I smelled near the Martin trailhead the same evening the cougar sighting was reported (about 8:40 pm June 6). It may have been a scat marking. I have never smelled anything that intense before in those woods! (I have a very good nose: can smell deer in the woods, for instance).
    It was perhaps 30 yards up the trail from the crossing between the Martin spur and the ridgeline that goes up to Fox Hollow- just about where a small unmarked trail goes off down to the creek and crosses it to the west. Was very strong for about 12 yards. I plan to go back and look for scat at that spot and also for tree markings.
    I am concerned about the large number of folks who walk that trail with leash-free dogs. Cougars tend to leave people alone, but WILL go after unleashed dogs. Protect your dog and leash them.


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