South Hills Fire Danger

An important news release from Eugene Fire & EMS  June 10,2013

For further information please contact:   Doug Perry, Assistant Fire Marshal 541-682-5887

Fire season has made an early arrival this year. Despite recent rains, extremely dry conditions exist.  Seasonal rainfall is 15 inches below normal. Vegetation may appear green, but is dry enough to burn.  Conditions have prompted the early end of backyard and open burning season in the unincorporated areas of Lane County, and concerns for what the season may bring are being watched closely by your fire department.  Backyard and open burning is never allowed in the City of Eugene.

Warm weather increases recreation and use of our wildland/urban interface areas.  Community members are encouraged to do their part in preventing fires.  Refrain from all open burning, use extreme caution when using heat or spark producing equipment and create defensible space around your property.  For more information on building a defensible space go to,, or call the Eugene Springfield Fire Marshal’s Office at, (541) 682-5411.

With the approaching Independence Day Holiday, Fire and City Officials are considering restrictions on the use of fireworks. These restrictions may include a ban on fireworks use in the South Hills and Spencer, Skinner and Willagillespie Buttes as well as limiting the dates fireworks may be discharged in the remainder of the city.  A decision on these possible restrictions will be made by June 24th.

Fireworks that fly, explode, travel more than one foot into the air or more than six feet on the ground are already AGAINST THE LAW in Oregon. Illegal fireworks cause countless injuries and thousands of dollars in property loss each year.

This may very well be a year where extraordinary measures are needed to protect our community.