SEN Board Draft Meeting Minutes 6-18-2013

Date/Time: Wednesday, June 18, 7:00pm to 8:30pm

Location: Hilyard Community Center, 2580 Hilyard St, Eugene, OR 97405

I.  Arrivals/Greetings

Those in attendance: Deborah Noble, Alicia McGraw, David Saul, Heather Sielicki, Lindsay Selser, Pavel Gubanikhin, Sheila Stigall   Total Attendance: 7

II.  Announcements

  • Public announcements.

III.  Administrative

  • 5/29/13 Meeting Minutes were approved

  • Website domain – Alicia made an unsuccessful attempt to contact Kevin regarding the domain change.  Deborah offered to contact him instead.

  • Facebook administration and SEN Listserv transition progress – Lindsay clarified that we would need to make a new Facebook page for SEN if Kevin intended to continue to administering the old Southeast Neighbors page.  There was no legal way to require it’s transfer.  Board agreed to discontinue use of the SEN listserv.

  • Updating authorized users for the SEN bank account has been discussed. Past president Kevin Matthews will be removed as an authorized user; SEN vice president Lindsay Selser will be added as a second authorized user besides SEN treasurer Pavel Gubanikhin.

  • Week in Review emails – Heather requested feedback on the “Week in Review” emails which were overwhelmingly liked by the rest of the board.

IV.  Community Events Recap

  • South Willamette Street Improvement Plan – Heather, Lindsay, and Alicia reported on the two June 11th, Community Forums for the  South Willamette Street Improvement Plan.  With the community input window now closed, the next step will for the planning consultants to draft a plan to be presented to the Planning Commision later this summer.

  • Deerbrook PUD: LUBA Appeal.  Heather reported on the LUBA hearing in Salem on June 6th.  A final decision on the appeal is expected to be issued  July 7th.

  • Overview of SEN Meeting with Kitty Piercy, Jon Ruiz and Glenn Klein

  • 30th Avenue Crossing – Traffic Improvement Queries – Lindsay gave an update regarding the 3oth Avenue crossing/stoplight.  It turns out a stop light would not be possible at that location.  Other options were being considered.

  • Outreach Committee Meeting – Heather and David reported that  the outreach committee meetings were going well.

  • CERT Team Meeting – Heather reported about some of the southeast neighborhood CERT activities going on.  For those who have successfully completed CERT training, the South Eugene CERT meetings take places the second Tuesday of every month.

V. Projects and Committees:

  • Heather lead a discussion on different types of committees we might want to develop:

    Standing Committees (ongoing) and Action Teams (short term, for a specific goal) a list of committees was formed and at least one board member was assigned to each.

      • Land Use (standing) – Lisa, Kent, Debra, Alicia
      • Picnic – Emily, David
      • Tugman Park Improvements group – Lindsay, Alicia

V.   Adjourned at 8:45 PM