LUBA Decision Upholds Planning Commission Approval for Deerbrook

hikeThe Oregon Land Use Board of Appeals (LUBA) has issued their decision in the Southeast Neighbors appeal  of the Eugene Planning Commission’s  decision to reverse the Hearing Official’s denial of the Deerbrook Tentative PUD Application. Although the decision affirmed the validity of the slope criteria that prohibit development on slopes that are equal or greater than 20% ; LUBA denied each of Southeast Neighbors objections to the Planning Commission decision to approve the tentative application. This will allow the project to move forward to the Final Approval process unless we appeal to Oregon Court of Appeals.

Southeast Neighbors board is urgently considering how best to continue  the association’s  long fight  to save the Amazon Headwaters from inappropriate development.   Eugene will enjoy a great and permanent benefit when the property is acquired for permanent preservation and may tragically lose that opportunity if we fail to move quickly now.

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