Draft Minutes – July Board Meeting

Date/Time: Tuesday, July 16, 7:00pm to 8:30pm

Location: Hilyard Community Center, 2580 Hilyard St, Eugene, OR 97405

 Meeting called to order by Heather Sielicki @ 7:02 pm

I.  Introductions [5]

  • Board and members of the public introduced:  Heather Sielicki, David Saul, Alicia McGraw, Kent Anderson, Pavel Gubanikhin, Emily Fox, and Deborah Noble were present.   Juan Carlos Valle, Betty Taylor, and Sue Harsharger attended.

II.  Public Announcements [15]

  • Juan Carlos Valle announced that the League of Latin American Citizens is seeking to become involved in the Community.

III.  Board Discussion [30]

  • Meeting minutes approved with no corrections:  Moved by Pavel Gubanikhin, Second by Emily Fox, passed unanimously

  • Website/Facebook Access Update:  Deborah Noble gave report, discussion followed.  Website registration renewed in June.  Kevin Mathews will relinquish control of Facebook – Board would like David Saul, Heather Sielicki,  and possibly Alicia McGraw as Administrators

  • August Newsletter:  To be submitted to Neighborhood Services by 8/15.  Size of Newsletter to be determined – 4 page recommended.  Items to be included in Newsletter discussed, including Picnic, possible interviews with local businesses (Board noted unfair competition issues with this item), city activities (Betty Taylor), League of Latin American Citizens (Juan Carlos Valle), photo contest (Heather Sielicki), road construction projects (David Saul), 30th Ave. crossing (Lindsey Selser), school activities (Alicia McGraw)

  • Neighborhood Crime:  Sue Harshbarger described how her home was burglarized, what was taken, and steps she took to prevent it from happening again.   Juan Carlos Valle also described his experiences in this regard.  Eugene Police have a walk-through service for homeowners, Vacation Check, Crime Watch has a meeting scheduled at Market of Choice  8/8, 6:00 pm

IV.  Neighborhood Projects and Committees [30]

  • Neighborhood Picnic:  Potluck scheduled on 9/15 from 4:00-7:00 pm.  Tables available for non-profit groups – suggested groups  include Beyond Toxics, Homeless Outreach, Eugene Police, DEQ (Landfill Cleanup), Eugene Gift Circle.  Music scheduled (3-5 groups), Children’s entertainment (circus activities, scavenger hunt, tree climbers), and Raffle.  Need donations.

  • Land Use Committee:

    • Deerbrook PUD LUBA Appeal:  Deborah Noble gave report.  Appeal upheld and denied (20% slope upheld, buffer upheld, 47 lots upheld, stormwater upheld, 19 lot rule denied, Neighborhood’s map denied).  Meeting with Attorney 7/19 – must decide by 8/2 if we want to appeal.

    • Rest Haven:  Alicia McGraw gave report (Lisa Warnes absent).  Public meetings held recently – city pursuing rezoning of  underutilized areas to keep housing inside of urban growth area.  R-1 zoning proposed – would allow 120 lots on 47 acres.

    • Single Family Code Amendment:  Proposal to allow single-family homes to be built on existing lots of record

V. Adjourn/Refreshments [15]

  • Meeting adjourned @ 8:57 pm

  • Cookies donated by Albertson’s on Hilyard.

  • Next meeting scheduled for 8/20 , 7:00 – 8:30 pm @ Hillyard Community Center