Finance Investigative Team Report : A Closer Look at City Budget Options

As one part of the Eugene Budget Committee’s multi-faceted approach to develop a sustainable financial strategy for the City of Eugene, the Finance Investigative Team (FIT) brought together community members and Budget Committee members to review a long list of proposed budget solutions.  The nine community members of FIT included several local business people, and people active in neighborhoods, schools and social issues.  They were joined by three citizen Budget Committee members and two City Councilors.

 The focus of the work was on fact finding, with an emphasis on evaluating the financial effectiveness of the solutions in balancing the FY15 budget.  The FIT reviewed a number of possible strategies using a set of standardized evaluation criteria. The report includes a review of potential budget balancing items such as personnel costs, growing the economy and tax base, use of Non-General Funds, and others.  A total of 31 strategies are reviewed in the report. The items reviewed were either suggested by members of the public or by the Budget Committee at a meeting in the spring or summer, or suggested by an individual Budget Committee member. 

Other components of the Budget Committee’s multi-faceted approach to develop a long-term sustainable financial strategy for the City of Eugene include a series of workshops to gather community input, and a Revenue Team that will convene in early 2014 to identify possible new General Fund revenue sources. The Budget Committee is meeting in numerous work sessions to develop FY15 budget balancing options and will use all of the information gathered to develop budget balancing options that will be considered at public hearings in January 2014.

The FIT website includes materials from each of the five FIT meetings, as well as the final report, and a link for community members to submit comments or questions about the report.