Draft Minutes: January 2014 SEN Meeting

Date/Time: Monday, January 13, 2014, 7:00pm 
Location: Good Samaritan Eugene Village 3500 Hilyard Street


Heather Sielicki, President: Board Members: Emily Fox, Shelia Stigall, David Saul, Steve Chadick, Pavel Gubanikhin, Deborah Noble

Total attendance of see attendance sheet

I.  Arrivals/Greetings:  The meeting started shortly after 7:00 PM.

II.  Agenda Items:

  • Public announcements:
    • Tony spoke about the Rest-Haven cemetery property, shared concerns about drainage into Braeburn Creek association with proposed development. Notes that Planning Commission approved the zoning change to R-1 to build 270 houses but it will also be coming up before the City Council.
  • Resthaven:  Discussion that some houses already have drainage/foundation issues. Also concerned about how small the buffer is. The next decision point is the approval of the PUD.
  • Cell Tower: Proposal at 4060 W Amazon Drive – AT&T sent a letter about the pre-application meeting on the proposal but no date has been confirmed yet. Some neighbors have expressed concerns.
  • S Willamette St: Discussion – should SEN take a position? Deborah noted that Betty Taylor has not taken a position yet. Heather expressed support for Option 3. Emily supports widened sidewalks. Several neighbors expressed concern that bike lanes would be underutilized, given how unsafe the street is and number of entrance points
  • Civic Stadium: Friends of Civic option rejected; the City’s offer is contingent upon raising private donations by the end of January. Deborah expressed support for preserving the Civic Stadium. Discussion about the Y proposal.
    • Motion: Deborah moved to not support Fred Meyers at the site, Shelia seconded the motion. In favor: Heather, Emily, Deborah, Shelia, and David. Opposed: Pavel. Motion passed 5-1.
  • Amazon Headwaters Preservation:  Deborah provided an update on her meeting with the Beverlys. They are going through the permitting stage but there is no buyer for the property. Discussion about acquisition of the property by the city using POS bond funds. Edison Elementary would like their students (Riverspies) to present their class project on the health of the creek system at the next board meeting. Shelia suggested we invite Betty Taylor and Kitty.
  • Neighborhood Projects and Committees: The city is moving forward with hybrid beacon crossing. The beacon will provide protection to pedestrians by displaying a red light to motorists. It is a giant improvement over the current crossing. See below for example. Heather will get more information from Lindsay Selser on the timeline for the project.
  • CERT: Will be meeting again in February. Going to staff the NUSA conference for FRS radio practice.

  • Annual Neighborhood Association Report: David prepared a draft for review – due 1/21/14 to the City, will share with board via email.
  • Board Members: Need to continue recruitment efforts to fill open spaces. Need a Land Use Committee Chair. David volunteered to take on Secretary role.
    • Motion: Deborah moved to appoint Steve Chadick to the board to fill the vacancy recently opened by resignation of  Alicia McGraw, Shelia seconded the motion. All in favor. Motion passed.
  • February General Meeting:  Discussion about the potential date. Decided 2/25/14. Potential agenda items: Riverspies, Resthaven update, Civic Stadium.

III. Adjourn:

The meeting adjourned shortly after 8:20 PM.

Executive Session: Board Meeting with Dan Snyder, Law Offices of Charles M. Tebbutt

Notes protected by attorney-client privilege.