Amazon Headwaters Keystone Update

Amazon Headwaters Location Map 1/11/2011

Amazon Headwaters Location Map


The owners of the 26 acre parcel have reduced the cost of their land and made it available for purchase to the City of Eugene at a price we can afford. The catch? The City Council must vote to buy the land in February or the property could be sold to a developer for the lowered price.

Tomorrow’s Public Forum at the City Council meeting provides a window of opportunity for us to show our support for this purchase. We must come in numbers, and from all parts of the city, if we wish to influence this decision. Water quality, watershed, habitat, and preserving natural areas effects all of Eugene, not just South Eugene.

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Come to the meeting. Speak out if you can, each person will be allotted three minutes, or help us to fill the room to show your support to make this public land.

  • When: Monday, January 27, 2014
  • Where: Harris Hall,125 E. 8th at 7:30 pm (come a little earlier to sign up if you will be speaking)

Please share this opportunity with your Eugene friends and family. All are welcome to attend this meeting.Heathersielicki


Five neighbors spoke to the City Council last night, urging them to take advantage of the opportunity to purchase the Amazon Headwaters. Many more attended the meeting to show support.

It was a packed Public Forum. 50 people signed up to present to the council and the time to speak had to be reduced to only 2-minutes per person.

Though S.L.E.E.P.S. activists, requesting that the council keep the Whoville site open to campers, were by far the dominant voice at the Forum, we were able to get out the message that preserving these last, untouched headwaters in the UGB is important for all of Eugene, not just South Eugene, and the time to make them public land is now – while we can afford to make the investment.

You can help by continuing to speak out. Share your thoughts with the Mayor and City Council at or send a letter to the Editor at the Register Guard at

Click here to sign the petition if you have not already signed the paper one being circulated by David Saul.