City Council To Consider Amazon Headwaters Land Acquisition

Beverly PropertyYesterday’s  (2/10/2014) Eugene City Council Agenda included a work session to discuss possible acquisition of the  26 acre Beverly property for open space parkland.  This property includes portions of 2 tributary forks of Amazon Creek and the unpaved right of way continuation of West Amazon Drive.  As mentioned in previous posts, the city recently granted tentative PUD approval for at least 47 residential lots on the property.

Southeast Neighbors continues to oppose this development and is circulating a petition to the mayor and council calling for the city to acquire the property from the Beverly’s.  The asking price has recently been significantly reduced to 2.25 million dollars.

City council meetings begin with a public forum and 15 Eugenians took the opportunity to address this issue, all urging the council to move ahead with the purchase.

Following the public forum,  city manager Jon Ruiz introduced  Craig Carnagey with Parks and Open Space and Gabe Flock from the Planning Division. They gave a brief presentation describing the Beverly property and offering a summary of  the current status of the 2006 Parks Bond Funds. The figures they presented seemed to suggest that only  $900,000  of the $27.5 million of bond funds remains available  but the accounting was questioned by  councilors Zelenka, Brown, Pryor, and Taylor.

Summarizing the rest of the meeting very briefly, councilors expressed the need for much more detailed and specific information about the status of the bond funds and Parks and Open Space plans for using the funds before they could consider reaching a decision. Please stay tuned for future updates.

Next Steps

The council agreed to hold another work session on February 19, 2014 and staff agreed to provide more complete information in advance of that meeting. The public is welcome to attend the work session. 12pm, Harris Hall, 125 East 8th Ave. View agenda…