Resthaven ATT Cell Tower Application Under Review

Southeast Neighbors received notification today from the Eugene Planning Dept  that the Resthaven application for cell tower site review  has been deemed complete and is under review by the planning dept and other concerned agencies.

Quoting the notification e-mail here:


Application name:     ATT Wireless – Resthaven Site
File Number:                SR-13-5
Location:                         3900 Willamette Street
Applicant’s Request
/Project Summary:      Wireless telecommunication facility
Planning Comments:
Return comments to Steve Ochs, .
Comments should be returned during the public comment period.  The public notice, which you and those living near the location should receive at a later date, will specify the deadline for public comment.

Click on the following link to access file details and application materials:
Please note that the documents located in the folders named Application Materials (under evaluation) and Site Plans (under evaluation) are the materials being evaluated for the decision on this application.
If you have any questions or difficulty accessing the materials, please contact:
Amy Janisch
Land Use Planning Specialist
City of Eugene Planning Division
99 West 10th Avenue, Eugene Or 97401
Phone 541-682-5699    Fax 541-682-5572