Minutes: February 2014 SEN Meeting

River Spies

River Spies Presentation

Date/Time: Tuesday, February 25 2014, 7:00pm  Location: Good Samaritan Eugene Village 3500 Hilyard Street


Heather Sielicki, President: Board Members: Emily Fox, Shelia Stigall, David Saul, Steve Chadick, Pavel Gubanikhan, Leonard Epstein Total attendance of 85

I.  Arrivals/Greetings:  Neighbors began gathering at 6:30, greeting, socializing and enjoying desserts provided by Albertsons Supermarket, David Saul, and Leonard Epstein.  The meeting started shortly after 7:00 PM.

II.  Agenda Items:

  • Edison Elementary School River SpiesAn after school project led by Deb Rosenthal presented the findings [presentation link] of their study of water quality in Amazon Creek.  The group has surveyed aquatic life and  measured water quality at several  points along  the creek. They found that water quality and habitat deteriorates significantly as the creek moves from the undeveloped headwaters area to the  urbanized  environment downstream. They have concluded that residential development at the headwaters would result in increased water pollution,  decreased habitat, and increased potential for flooding.
  • Public announcements:
    • Cindy Allen gave her objections to proposed cellphone tower project at Calvary Chapel/Crossfire Ministry  (Fox Hollow & West Amazon)
    • Toni Horodsky spoke about concerns with potential for drainage/flooding impacts on Edgewood West residents that could be caused by residential development in the area of Resthaven Cemetery recently re-designated R1 (low density residential).
    • Barbara Corin introduced herself as a new member of the Eugene Historic Review Board and invited the neighbors to bring concerns  and issues related to historic landmarks to the commission.
    • Barbara Nugent spoke out against approval of  cellphone towers due to fear of  health impacts of radio wave emissions.
  • LRAPA:  Sally Markos  with the Lane Regional Air Protection Agency gave a presentation detailing the agency’s mission and programs to monitor and protect air quality in Lane county. She explained health risks associated with wood smoke and offered ways that residents can help reduce air pollution in our neighborhood.
  • Sustainability Commission: Sasha Luftig and Sue Wolling on the Eugene Sustainability Commission gave a presentation on the commission’s work and efforts to promote sustainability in Eugene.  The city has established a goal of  reaching Carbon Neutrality in city operations by year 2020. They point out that we currently are not on track to meet that goal.   The commission meets monthly on the 3rd Wednesday and invites input from the public at each meeting.
  • Resthaven:  David Berg and Nate Simmons from the Edgewood West Park Association described the HOA position regarding residential development on the Resthaven property. Although they do not oppose development, they stressed the potential for impacts on  Edgewood West due to increased traffic, noise, and increased run off from the steep slopes on the south border of the Resthaven property.
  • Amazon Headwaters Preservation:  Emily Fox reported on our  continuing efforts to protect the headwaters. We are urging the city to take the lead in purchasing the Beverly Property which has recently been granted tentative approval for development of at least 47 lots.

III. Election of new board member  The board unanimously elected Leonard Epstein to fill the vacancy recently opened by resignation of  Kent Anderson.

IV.   Adjourn: The meeting adjourned shortly after 8:45 PM.