Minutes: March 2014 SEN Meeting

Date/Time: Monday , March 10 2014, 7:00pm  Location: Good Samaritan Eugene Village 3500 Hilyard Street


Heather Sielicki, President: Lindsay Selser, Vice President  Board Members: Emily Fox, Shelia Stigall, David Saul, Steve Chadick, Pavel Gubanikhan, Leonard Epstein, Deborah Noble Total attendance: 19

I.  Arrivals/Greetings:  Neighbors began gathering at 6:30, greeting, socializing and enjoying desserts provided by Pegasus Pizza, Metropole Bakery, David Saul, Steve Chadick, and Leonard Epstein.  The meeting started shortly after 7:00 PM.

II.  Agenda Items

  • Public announcements:
    • Lindsay Selser announced an upcoming work party at Tugman Park. Saturday March 15  9-12 am volunteers will work with Parks and Open Space to maintain the park landscape. Tools & snacks will be provided.  RSVP to Carrie Karl, 541-682-4850 or carrie.l.karl@ci.eugene.or.us
    • Heather Sielicki announced the upcoming meeting of the South Eugene CERT team on March 20. This month the the Churchill area CERT team will attend and share tactics for maintaining communications in a disaster situations. The  South Eugene CERT team meets monthly on the 3rd Thursday. RSVP to sielicki@gmail.com
  • Cell Phone Tower Report: David Saul gave an overview of the current status of the site review application for a cell tower installation at the Resthaven Cemetery.  The public comment period ended on March 10 at  5 PM. The planning department is currently reviewing the application and a decision will be issued by March 31.  There is a 12 day window to file appeals once the decision is issued. No application has been filed for the cell tower proposed at the Crossfire Ministry ( West Amazon & Fox Hollow) but the planning official has indicated that they expect the application to be filed soon.
  • SEN Charter Revision: Heather has been working to revise the Southeast Neighbors charter document which dates from 1989 and includes several outdated provisions. The draft revision is intended to bring our charter up to date and is based in part on charters recently approved for other Eugene neighborhood associations.  The revisions must be approved by the board and the general membership as  well as the city of Eugene. Expect the membership to vote on this at the May meeting.
  • Budget Report: Pavel Gubanikhan reported on the current status of the SEN budget. A summary spreadsheet was distributed. The remaining balance for the fiscal year (7/1/13  – 6/30/14) as of 3/10/14 is $5.666.23. The balance remaining from the cities annual allocation of $11,826.00 will be returned to the city if not spent by June 30. Pavel called for suggestions on how to best use the money.
  • South Willamette Street Improvement Plan:  Scott Landfield representing  “4 Lanes 4 Willamette” and Josh Newman representing  “Willamette: A Place for Everyone”  each  gave a brief presentation.  Christopher C. Henry, Transportation Planning Engineer from the City of Eugene and project manager for the street improvement plan addressed questions from the neighbors.
  • Meeting Format & Schedule: Heather proposed that we meet monthly and eliminate the distinction between board meetings and general meetings. There was some discussion and several objections raised to the proposal. We agreed to continue with the current schedule. The April meeting will be a board meeting and May will be a general meeting.
  • Spring 2014 Newsletter: We agreed to plan a publication to announce our May meeting and annual elections scheduled for May 12. The final draft will need to be delivered to Neighborhood Services by April 21 in order to get it delivered to neighbors in time to announce the meeting.
  • Election Planning: Lindsay Selser and Shelia Stigall each announced that they will not seek re-election in May. Lindsay will be caring for her newborn and Shelia expects to be out of the country for about 6 months. Planning the nominating and election procedures will be on the agenda for the  April board meeting.
  • Neighborhood Outreach: Lindsay Selser suggested initiating a survey to be delivered to the entire neighborhood to gather feedback and suggestions to help us plan and direct our efforts going forward.  David  Saul moved that we  form a committee to develop the survey. The motion was approved unanimously.  David will begin to organize the committee via e-mail to the entire board.

IV.   Adjourn: The meeting adjourned shortly after 8:45 PM.