Draft Minutes: June 2014 SEN Board Meeting

Date/Time: Monday June 9, 2014, 7:00pm  Location: Good Samaritan Eugene Village 3500 Hilyard Street

Attending: Heather Sielicki, President, Madronna Holden Vice President: Board Members:  Deborah Hebert, David Saul, Steve Chadick, Leonard Epstein, Deborah Noble, Emily Fox, William Zwicker ,  Others  Ferry Finegan, Anand Keathly Total Attendance: 11

I.  Meeting Convened : 7:00 pm

II. Announcements

Anand Keathly informed us about efforts to organize  Festival of Eugene – an alternative celebration to replace the cancelled Eugene Celebration.  He extended an invitation to an organizing meeting  Tuesday June 11 at Porcellino Bistro at 6PM.

II.  Discussion  Items:

  • Eugene Neighbors Inc.: Jerry Finegan  (president Santa Clara Community Organization)  spoke to us about Eugene Neighbors Inc which is a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting and developing strong neighborhood organizations in Eugene. ENI can provide a conduit to accept tax deductible donations on behalf of neighborhood organizations.
  • Cell Towers:  David Saul provided an update on status of  3 active cell tower related applications in the neighborhood. The planning dept is nearing a decision on the 120ft tower proposal at Rest Haven Memorial park.  The required public hearing for the proposal at  Crossfire ministry ( West Amazon  & Fox Hollow) has not been scheduled yet.  The building department is seeking additional information from the applicant on the  building permit application to allow co-location of  8 additional cell antennas on a BPA tower near Donald St, and Fox Hollow Road.
  • Rest Haven Re-Designation:  Heather reported on the City Council Public Hearing that was held on June 3. The record has been kept open for additional testimony until June 17. Heather spoke at the hearing supporting the concerns of nearby neighbors who have asked the city to provide an adequate buffer zone to ensure that development on the ridge overlooking their properties will be  prevented. David will continue to check the city web site and notify when  council deliberations are scheduled.
  • Annual Picnic: Date and time for the picnic will be Sept 14 from 1 -5 PM.  Heather will post a spreadsheet to help coordinate  contacts for donations. Emily will work with Madronna and Carol to arrange and schedule entertainment. Debbie Hebert has identified a neighbor who will  volunteer to do face painting.  Leonard has contacted Umpqua bank and they have committed to participate though they may not be able to provide the free ice cream pop truck.
  • Fireworks:  Several board members expressed their concerns around fireworks in the neighborhood  including  excessive loud noise, air pollution, trash, and safety. Madronna will draft a  letter to Mayor and Councillors urging action to enforce the current laws to control fireworks.

IV.   Adjourn: The meeting adjourned shortly after 8:40 PM.

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  1. Fine summary. Minor corrections under Cell Towers, re: the sentence “The planning department…”; change H in “the” so it’s not capitalized, and add word so it reads “nearing a decision about the 120 ft tower…”



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