Wheelchair User Only Placards

wheel chair only placardIn 2008, the Oregon legislature created a new type of disabled parking space and parking permit for people who use wheelchairs or mobility scooters. This designation is different than the standard disabled parking space and parking permit.

Eugene is beginning to see these newly marked parking spaces, which, according to this rule, contain a sign that states “Wheelchair User Only.” In order to park in one of these spaces, vehicles will be required to have the specified “Wheelchair User” DMV-issued disabled parking permit.

Currently the standard permit is darker blue and the wheelchair only permit is a lighter blue. On most wheelchair-only permits, there is also a ‘W’ below the permit number. The important thing to look for at the parking space is whether there is small “Wheelchair User Only” sign along with the Reserved Parking sign with wheelchair image.

The Eugene Police Department’s Seniors on Patrol volunteers have been providing courtesy alerts to help educate the public about the changes. It is important to make people aware of these new designated spaces, and that the spaces are kept available for people who need them and have the appropriate permit. Beginning August 1, Seniors on Patrol volunteers will start issuing parking tickets for these violations. Parking in these spots without the “Wheelchair User” parking permit (including those who park in them with the standard disabled person permit) could result in a parking ticket with a $200 fine.


For more information on disabled parking permits and the Wheelchair User Permits, visit to the Oregon Department of Motor Vehicle’s website at: www.oregon.gov/ODOT/DMV.

For questions about a courtesy alert or citation contact Parking Services at 541-682-5729 or visit the website: www.eparkeugene.com.