Draft Minutes: August 2014 SEN Board Meeting

Date/Time: Wednesday August 6 , 2014, 7:00pm  Location: Good Samaritan Eugene Village 3500 Hilyard Street

Attending: Heather Sielicki, President, Board Members:  Deborah Hebert, David Saul, Steve Chadick, Leonard Epstein, Deborah Noble, Emily Fox, William Zwicker, Lealan Swanson. Others, Gayle Smith , Chris Hurwitt, Nick Sams, LaMonte Cherrick

Total Attendance: 13

I.  Meeting Convened : 7:00 pm

II. Announcements

Gayle Smith and Chris Hurwit described traffic issues they are facing in their neighborhood on Whiteaker St and Nectar Way. They are asking for our help and advice to find a way to reduce speeding and increase safety.  This was a follow-up to the e-mail that Gayle sent to us describing the situation in some detail. They informed us that in addition to contacting neighbors via email to enlist support they have signed up for the EPD radar gun training and plan to begin doing some monitoring. They are also considering gathering signatures to petition public works to initiate a traffic study.

Nick Sams and Lamonte Cherrick are co-owners of the Old Pad.  Southeast Neighbors was recently informed about a complaint from a neighboring resident regarding noise from the Old Pad’s  Tuesday evening outdoor concerts.  Nick and Lamonte described their efforts to mitigate the issues.  Concerts are over at 9PM .  They are careful to control the music volume to minimize  the impact on neighbors and they don’t book overly loud bands to play.  Their statements were corroborated by several board members that have attended Tuesday night events.

II.  Outreach:

  • Picnic Planning  –  we reviewed our planning document.  David indicated publicity efforts are on track, flyers will be ready to distribute the first week of Sept and announcements appearing in the Eugene Weekly and Register guard. Also planning to mail a postcard to  the  entire neighborhood which should be to the printer by 8/21.Heather reported several organizations have agreed to participate including  EWEB, CERT, and Red Cross, Master Gardeners. Planned activities include Circus Arts group teaching hula hoop and Juggling and Yoga Lesson by  Yoga West.Emily reported that musical entertainment not confirmed as yet.  Will need to  budget for  Pedal Power off the grid sound system and engineer. Len listed several great gifts offered by local merchants for our drawing. Steven confirmed that requisition for  city event equipment is on track. Nick and Lamont offered to lend us tables and chairs for the event. WE have not been able to confirm any food vendors yet but Nick and Lamonte said Old Pad will be able to provide a simple  BBQ menu. Lealan is still pursuing  a couple of other leads for mobile food vendors.
  • Publication Process update – Bill and David summarized the changes in the process  for producing city subsidized publications that were covered at yesterday’s Neighborhood Services workshop. Future publications will need to be printed by private print shops rather than by the city. The city will continue to provide the mailing list but will no longer be editing publications. Our budget has been reduced by about 1/3 but this year we have an extra credit of $770  to be used for postage.
  • Heather announced that the mayor has invited neighborhood associations to join the parade and will cover our entrance fee. All are encouraged to join in the fun. SIgn-up sheet here.
  • Next Mailing to Neighborhood will be  a post card to advertise the Festival/Picnic on Sept 14. Should be sent to printers by 8/21.
  • Questionnaire – Len and Heather reported progress on planning a questionnaire to gauge neighborhood opinion on what the association should be doing. The questionnaire is almost ready to  distribute. It will be sent in a special email  to our list and  a link to the survey will also be included in our e-Newsletters. We may also solicit responses at the picnic  or other events.
  • Heather announced that SEN  is now on Twitter -SENeighbors

III Land Use Issues

  • MUPTE – (Multi Unit Property Tax Exemption)  David  summarized the recent staff proposal to update the MUPTE program  and reported that the council has chosen not to move that forward to a public hearing yet. Staff will continue their work on refining the conditions and the city may have to extend  the current  MUPTE suspension which will expire November 30.
  • 30th Ave Crossing – David reported that construction is started  on the new signal lights at 30th and University.
  • Cell Tower Applications – David reported that he had attended the appeal hearing before the Eugene hearings official on the Resthaven Cell tower. No decision on the appeal  has been announced yet. The application for the cell tower at Crossfire Ministries was rejected as incomplete by the planning dept and is not currently in process.
  • Amazon Headwaters Keystone – Deborah N. reported that that negotiations for the Headwaters Property are still going on now with new ownership of two (out of three) tax lots that comprise the 26 acres.
  • South Willamette Special Area Zone – Steve summarized the recent planning department presentation and focus group that he attended. CIty is developing a set of code amendments to be applied to development in the South Willamette area. The goal is to encourage denser future development along the  transit and commercial corridor while minimizing impact on the surrounding residential areas .

IV Tugman  Park

  • Next work party is scheduled for Wednesday August 20 from 9-12pm. We’ll be working in the playground, installing bumpers for the see-saws.
  • Canada Thistle Control – David reported that we have installed all the shadecloth that the city was able to provide and also cut down some patches that did not get covered. It is likely that some Canada Thistle will survive and that the control work will need to continue next year.

V Emergency Preparedness

  • EWEB Water bottle program  – Heather announced that EWEB is offering 3 gallon BPA free water storage bottles at $5 each
  • Amateur Radio Technician License Classes – The neighborhood could use more radio operators for disaster preparedness. These low cost classes offered by CERT start  Sept 15. Click here for more details.
  • Lane preparedness Coalition is offering a workshop  on business continuity planning August 13. See details at (http://www.eweb.org/public/documents/PreparednessPostcard.pdf)

VI Other

  • Heather announced that the applications for the next neighborhood matching grant cycle will open soon.  The Neighborhood Leaders Council may work on a proposal to finance a web hub that could provide independently managed web sites  for all of the neighborhood associations and save fees and management work.

VII.   Adjourn: The meeting adjourned at 9PM