Meeting Minutes: Southeast Neighbors November General Meeting

Date/Time: Tuesday, November 11, 2014, 6:30pm to 8:30pm
Location: Good Samaritan Eugene Village, 3500 Hilyard St Eugene, OR


Heather Sielicki, President,

Board Members: Steve Chadick, Len Epstein, Emily Fox, Debbie Hebert, Deborah Noble, David Saul, Lealan Swanson, Bill Zwicker

Total attendance of 39

I.  Dessert Potluck:

Neighbors started gathering shortly before 6:30pm  and the dessert table was soon  loaded with delicious cakes and cookies.

Becky Taylor, planner with City of Eugene, addressed questions regarding the new cell phone tower proposed for the Crossfire Ministry church at West Amazon and Fox Hollow. Ms Taylor announced that the applicant requested the city to force the application complete even though the planning department had identified several items that are missing or deficient in the application.  A public hearing before the  Hearings Official must be scheduled within 60 days (of Oct. 27)  unless the applicant requests an extension.  Several neighbors inquired regarding the city inventory of existing cell towers and Becky indicated she would locate and email that document to interested parties. Becky also gathered contact info from those interested in staying informed on the application process.

Crossfire Cell Tower Application Documents    Contact Info for city planner  Becky Taylor   tel. 541-682-6004

II. Announcements

Bill Zwicker spoke about his family’s experience during an extended power outage last winter and suggested that a portable generator could be shared amongst several households and  provide adequate power to  preserve food and meet the most basic needs during an extended outage.

Sandy Bond announced that she has succeeded in getting her garden deer fencing permitted and recommends consulting the planning department to ensure that fencing projects are in compliance with code. She also raised a concern regarding speeding  traffic on 36th ave between Donald and Hilyard and reminded us that helmets  are required for cycling children and  recommended for all cyclists.

Lindsey Collum announced the upcoming  CERT drill on Saturday 11/15. CERT is in need of volunteer “victims” to help simulate disaster scenarios. The drill is staged at Fire Station 2 at 2nd ave  and Chambers. For more info and to RSVP, email or call (541) 682-5640.

III.  Board Report

Heather summarized  recent board activity and news items:


The City will repave Donald Street from 32nd to 40th Ave, Braeburn, and 39th Ave to Hilyard in 2015. There is a small budget for bicycle and pedestrian improvements to be included as part of the re-paving. Neighbors who want to provide ideas and feedback about that should contact Reed Dunbar (email: A protected bike lane for West Amazon, additional pedestrian bridges across Amazon Creek, and a rebuild of the Rexius Trail surface to address drainage issues is planned for 2018.

Cell Towers

The board has been discussing cell phone tower regulation and considering whether to lobby the city council in support of more restrictive regulations to protect neighborhoods from inappropriate installations. The Register Guard is planning a story on the issue in this weekend’s paper.

Neighborhood Survey

SEN has been collecting responses for feedback on the role of the association in our neighborhood and to determine priorities moving forward. Surveys were available at the  meeting and the survey will continue to be available online for people to complete if they have not already.

Boundary Change Proposal

The Crest Drive neighborhood association (soon to be renamed Southwest Hills) has proposed dividing our neighborhoods straight down Willamette to the south border of the city. This would mean that the area south of 40th Ave. and to the west of Willamette (about 860 tax lots) would become part of the Southwest Hills Association. There is a map in the back showing the proposed change. A possibility of folding the Amazon Neighborhood (965 homes) into ours (6,000+) is also on the table for discussion. We will schedule meetings on the possibilities, along with a neighborhood planning workshop for those interested in getting into the nitty gritty of neighborhood planning, early next year.

Community Building Opportunities During The Rainy Season

As a neighborhood association, we have excellent access to resources that can help us to build community this winter. Here are a few tools we have:

  • Free room rental at City owned community centers complete with projector and sound
  • Reach of 465 people via enewsletter, 6,000+ via postal mail
  • Free park reservation with insurance and food permit

We are limited only by our imagination of the neighborhood we want to become and our willingness to take a risk. Movie series? Food drive? Community art show? Rummage sale or clothing swap? Tool library? Book exchange? Gardening workshop? The board can’t do it alone but we can support community efforts and help to make them a success.

Emergency Preparedness

A team of national, regional, state and local agencies and organizations have undertaken an effort to develop, conduct and evaluate a recurring series of disaster exercises entitled “Formidable Footprint”. These exercises help communities to assess their capability to prepare for, respond to and recover from a variety of natural disasters. On February 28, 2015 they will be drilling on wildfire response and recovery. Heather would like to get a group of neighborhood volunteers together to participate in this drill. Contact Heather if you wish to participate or watch your email newsletter for details.

IV.   EWEB & Red Cross  Disaster Preparedness Presentations

Jill Hoyenga with EWEB Water Engineering  reviewed ongoing work at EWEB to improve system reliability and emergency preparedness.  ( see )

She also explained the new EWEB system for customer outage reporting.  The new system enables customers to interact via telephone or text messaging and uses mapping technology to expedite repair dispatch,

To report an outage:  text OUT to  TXEWEB  (893932)   or   dial  844-484-2300

Henry Soderberg  (Emergency Preparedness Coordinator – Oregon Pacific Chapter Red Cross) gave a brief presentation on preparing for potential disasters including  power outages, fires, earthquake, storms and floods. He shared several  interesting and useful information resources.

Learn about the local risk from  earthquakes, tsunami, landslide, flood or volcano using the interactive web site at .

Get help developing your emergency preparedness plan and emergency kit at .

Register your phone for emergency alert notifications at .

Free Red Cross apps to provide first aid and disaster specific information including maps of open shelters. available at

V.   Adjourn:

The meeting adjourned shortly after 8:30 PM.

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