Minutes: Dec. 2014 SEN Board Meeting

Date/Time: Tuesday December 9  , 2014, 7:00pm  Location: Good Samaritan Eugene Village 3500 Hilyard Street

Attending: Heather Sielicki: President, Madronna Holden: Vice President Board Members:  Deborah Hebert, David Saul, Leonard Epstein, Deborah Noble, Emily Fox, William Zwicker, Lealan Swanson,  and Steve Chadick  also Neighbors:  William Collinge, Maggie Donahue, Cindy Allen, Sunny,

Crest Drive Citizens Association board joined us for  a joint meeting:  Juan Carlos Valle, Rachel Young, David Kolb, Francina Verrijt

Total Attendance: 18

Meeting Convened : 7:00 pm

I.  Announcements

Heather announced  the upcoming WInter Fair at Camas Ridge Elementary on December 13 from 10 am to 1pm.  It will feature Camas Ridge artisans, bakers, and crafters and musicians of all ages.

II.  Boundary Adjustment Proposal

David Kolb, president of Crest Drive Citizens Association (soon to be renamed Southwest Hills Neighborhood Assocation)  explained the proposal to change the boundary between CDCA and SEN so that the area west of Willamette St and south of 39th Ave leaves SEN and joins CDCA. This will make the boundary descriptions simpler and seems more natural or intuitive since Willamette is generally the boundary between east and west sides of south Eugene. Southeast Neighbors board voted unanimously to approve the proposal and move forward with developing and adopting the required charter amendments.

III  Cell Towers

Lealan distributed a draft statement to send to the City Council and Mayor regarding cell tower regulation.  Lealan asked for comments from the board.

WIlliam Collinge PHD MPH informed us about a public forum he has organized on the topic of locating cell phone towers in residential neighborhoods. The forum is scheduled for Thursday December 18 from 6:30 – 8:00 pm.  at Good Samaritan Eugene Village. County Commissioner Pete Sorenson,  Dr Paul Dart, and William Collinge will be presenting and there will be  an open forum. Dr. Collinge requested that we publicize the event and we agreed to post announcements on the web site  and facebook page. Dr. Collinge also distributed a draft of a survey he has developed to gauge public opinion and awareness on cell towers. Concerns were raised about  “leading questions” and “bias” in the survey and  M. Collinge agreed to consider changes to address those.

IV Air Pollution

Madronna raised concerns about pollution caused by wood burning fireplaces, stoves, and especially  saunas in winter. She explained that saunas are exempted from air quality regulations as they are not addressed specifically in the relevant code. A subcommittee on Air Pollution in South Eugene was formed by Len and Madronna to identify actions that SEN can take to  address the issue.

V Neighborhood Survey

Len reported status of the survey which is still open and ongoing. 113 responses collected to date. Len is continuing to collate the results and has  e-mailed or called each of the neighbors who provided contact information and expressed interest in attending meetings and/or otherwise volunteering their time, and informed them about upcoming meetings and our website. Len reviewed a summary of the results to date and we discussed ending the survey and publishing the results in a future newsletter. We agreed to end the survey as of December 31.

VI Dunn School

David reported on the December 4 community meeting with 4J school district.  The school board has initiated a process to dispose of the Dunn School property at 3411 Willamette St. 4J will consider offers to purchase, lease, or trade the property if the decision to dispose of the school is finalized.  The public has several opportunities to provide input during the process. Read more about the 4J meeting  here .

VII Amazon Headwaters Preservation

Deborah Noble reported on the agreement the city has reached with the owners of the property to purchase the properties  in partnership with the Be Noble Foundation and the Audubon Society. A conservation public easement agreement is being finalized. The purchase is expected to close by mid January and a celebration event is planned for January 31 at Tsunami Books. We discussed  plans to raise funds to cover SEN’s legal expenses debt, leveraging the publicity that is likely to accompany the announcement that the purchase is finalized.

VIII Turkey Complaint

Heather reported on a complaint recently received  regarding a large flock of wild turkeys that have been nesting in a neighboring backyard.  Heather responded to the email by suggesting the neighbor contact the Fish And Wildlife Service and also provided a copy of their informational document on coexisting with wild turkeys.

Meeting Adjourned  at 8:30 pm