Cell Tower Siting Requirements and Procedures: A Letter to the Mayor and City Council

Dear Mayor and Councilors,

Southeast Neighbors membership has brought urgent concerns to the board regarding recent applications for new cell tower construction. Southeast Neighbors Board has discussed these concerns and requests that the Eugene City Council take action to revise the land use code permitting cell towers in residential zones.

It is clear that most neighbors would prefer not to have cell towers looming over their homes and that the so-called stealth towers do not effectively camouflage these facilities. For this reason the decision to permit a new cell tower can lower the market value of nearby properties.

We ask that the code be revised to better balance the concerns of impacted neighbors with the demands for mobile communication.

the Southeast Neighbors Board

Current Guidelines for the City of Eugene

  • Ordinance 20078: In February 1997, the City Council adopted an ordinance that established a thorough set of land use provisions regarding telecommunication facilities. Prior to the approval of Ordinance 20078, issues of tower siting, co-location of towers, and placing utility wires underground were not comprehensively addressed under the City’s existing Conditional Use Permit process.

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  2. Thank you for submitting the letter on behalf of the Southeast Neighbors. It speaks to our exact sentiments about cell phone towers and similar eyesores that are also potential threats to human and environmental health and well-being.


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