Pictures from the Neighborhood Recycled Art Workshop

Recycled Art WorkshopOn Saturday, April 25 Southeast Neighbors hosted a two-hour community art workshop at Hilyard Community Center taught by Emerging Leaders in the Arts Network (ELAN). Together we created a large winning trophy using salvaged materials for the winner of the NextStep and Eugene/Springfield Eco-School Network’s community-wide electronics recycling competition.

We learned about creative artists like Louise Nevelson that used recycled materials for her large sculptures and saw slides to inspire our creations. Each of us worked on different components of the final trophy. We used tacky glue, gold spray paint, all kinds of bottle caps, keyboards, wire, small toys, plastic pieces. old wristwatches, aluminum scrap, circuit boards, old cds, beads and you name it. MECCA and NextStep provided the raw materials for our project.

We pieced it together at the end of the workshop and everything fit together beautifully.

Thank you all for participating!

Contact us if you would like to help us plan the next neighborhood created art workshop.

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