Graffiti Reports

The church located behind Haggen’s Market has an entire wall (facing 32nd) brightly tagged. Reports of other graffiti incidents have been popping up in the neighborhood. Taggers often refer to themselves as “street artists” or “writers” and to their tags as “art.” They don’t view their acts as unlawful, believing that tagging is self-expression. However, their acts of vandalism to public and private property add up to thousands of dollars in restoration costs every day. If allowed to remain, graffiti becomes the first sign of urban decay, sending a highly visible message of lawlessness and a neighborhood unconcerned about its appearance. It instills fear and a feeling of vulnerability.

What is Eugene Doing to Fight Graffiti?

We encourage reporting all graffiti to the reporting center so it can be tracked by local law enforcement. The program includes a computerized system for photographing and tracking graffiti. The graffiti database is capable of linking graffiti or tag designs to specific individuals, and it also can be used to identify problems and trends in geographic areas in order to focus graffiti-suppression efforts.

City staff removes graffiti from the public rights of way and City-owned facilities but in 2010, funding for graffiti abatement on private property was eliminated. Private property owners and residents are encouraged to remove graffiti because prompt removal discourages additional graffiti. Removing graffiti can be easy, but oftentimes extremely difficult and expensive. Public Works uses several methods, picking the best one for each tag and surface. Choices include a hot water pressure washer, paint, replacement of the item that was vandalized, and cloth, elbow grease and an environmentally friendly chemical.

If you have questions about graffiti removal options for your property or if you’d like to report graffiti to have it removed, call Eugene Public Works Maintenance at 541-682-4800. To report graffiti as a crime (criminal mischief) or to report graffiti as a potential bias crime, call the Eugene Police non-emergency number at 541-682-5111.

Graffiti FAQ