Southeast Neighbors Board Minutes: June 9, 2015

Board Members Present: Heather Sielicki, Roberly Hearsch, William Zwicker, Duncan Rhodes, Len Epstein, Emily Fox, Debbie Hebert, Ken Beeson, Jenny Oberst

Board Members Absent: Lealan Swanson

Neighbors Present:  Pete Burger, David Saul, Don Metheny


  • Ken Beeson was elected to fill the vacant At-Large Board position vacated by Deborah Noble
  • Don Metheny presented a letter addressed to the Eugene City Council requesting that they add Scotch Broom to the list of obnoxious vegetation in the Eugene city code. The board voted to support this effort and suggested that Don mention the board support when he addresses City Council.
  • William Zwicker requested support from the board in efforts to buy Tamarack Pool. This would facilitate maintenance and improvements to the pool. The board supported this effort.
  • Pete Burger complained about neighbors spray painting vehicles just on the other side of his fence. Paint fumes drift into his yard and affects children. They are therefore unable to use their backyard. Duncan sent him contact information for LRAPA and Lisa Arkin of Beyond Toxics.
  • The board discussed plans for the neighborhood picnic/festival to be held on Saturday, September 12, 2015. It was decided that the picnic would be held from 3 to 7 PM. Heather handed out a document listing some of the things that needed to be done for the picnic. Members of the board signed up for various items, and Heather will send out a spreadsheet documenting this and inviting board members to get more involved in this planning.
  • Heather will hold a retreat for the board at her house some Saturday in July, timing to be determined.
  • It was decided that we will quickly assemble a newsletter be set up by the end of June, announcing the picnic. This may be issued in the form of a calendar which would also list other neighborhood events. It was undetermined whether we would have enough funds to send out a fire department fire awareness flyer as well.
  • The City Council approved the boundary changes wherein some territory was granted to the Southwest Hills Neighborhood Association. We need to order a new neighborhood map.
  • A development company has resumed a push to build a housing complex in Eugene’s Laurel Hill Valley
  • A single-family home development is proposed to be located on the vacant property between Wendell and East 43rd. The proposal calls for the development of  27 houses on the 9 ½ acres. There is a meeting on this on Tuesday, June 16.
  • “Toward a More Walkable Eugene” with Jeff Speck will be presented Wednesday, June 17 at 6 PM at the Hult Center.
  • Map Your Neighborhood training at Tugman Park will be held Saturday, June 27 from 10 AM to 12 noon.
  • The board was reminded that they can sign up to get alerts for natural disasters in Lane County cellphones and VOIP phones with the Community Emergency Notification System Alertme system at: