Hilyard Presents: Open Stage & Improv Game Night

Tommy Means with Adaptive Rec over at the Hilyard Center sent in some more information about the new events taking place this summer at the Hilyard Center. This sounds like an awesome close to home event we should all support. I’ll be tabling at the one on the 24th so come out and say hi. Here’s the info:

Hilyard Presents: Open Stage & Improv Game Night is a whirlwind of Open Stage Performances, Who’s Line is it Anyway? like Improv Games, and Community Energizer Games. Come out and sign up for one of the Open Stage slots and show South Eugene what you got. Singers, musicians, artists, comedians, and even bad magicians of all ages are welcome!  Got something else cool to show off?  Bring it!

July 10th & 24th , August 8th & 22nd, September 12th  (all times 6:00pm – 9:00pm)

Open Stage is a safe place for ALL community members to show off their unique talents abilities.  No boo-birds allowed in this crowd! Come out and cheer on the brave stage conquerors in this family friendly event!  This is a free event for all ages and all abilities. In-between acts, prepare for a gut busting barrage of comedic improv gold!

Staff will lead a series of hysterical Improv Games and will ask for volunteers from the crowd to join in the fun!  Popcorn and beverages will be available for purchase while supplies last. If more acts sign up than we have spots for, a random drawing will be used.


  • 6:00 – 6:10 – Introduction; Rules, Examples
  • 6:10 – 6:30 – Open mic sign up; Prep time, Practice time; Music; Staff assist open mic participants
  • 6:30 – 6:45 – Intro; Opening Act – Community Energizer Activity
  • 6:45 – 7:05 – 4 Open Stage Slots
  • 7:05 – 7:15 – Improv Game #1
  • 7:15 – 7:35 – 4 Open Stage Slots
  • 7:35- 7:50 – Improv Game #2
  • 7:50 – 8:10 – 4 Open Stage Slots
  • 8:10 – 8:25 – Improv Game #3
  • 8:25 – 8:45 – 4 Open Stage Slots/more Improv games
  • 8:45 – 9:00 – Closing; Awards and Community Energizer Activity

Alternate activities may be available. Community members requiring additional assistance should bring support staff.