Emergency Water Supply Storage Container Sale

by Jill Hoyenga, Eugene Water & Electric Board

We all know we should have stash of critical emergency supplies at the ready in case of a severe storm event or natural disaster. But many of us don’t quite get around to assembling our kits, which should include safe drinking water supplies. The Federal Emergency Management Agency recommends that each household store a three‐day supply of water (one gallon of water per person or pet, per day) for drinking and sanitation.

The bottles are easy to stack in a closet and have a handle for easy carrying.

The bottles are easy to stack in a closet and have a handle for easy carrying.

EWEB is again partnering with the Oregon Pacific Chapter of the American Red Cross and the city of Eugene to cultivate a culture of preparedness in our community. The ability for our community to recover quickly from emergencies and disasters begins with us.

Emergency Water Supply Storage Containers

Our local partnership is again offering three‐gallon water bottles at a discount price to make it easy for households to obtain emergency water storage containers. Each bottle is just $5 (retail price $17 to $21) and the cost will be applied to your EWEB utility bill. Each bottle will have useful water and electric outage preparation tips on the container, including instructions for keeping your water safe.

These BPA‐free, three‐gallon water storage containers have a reusable twist cap. Once your family has used your stored emergency water supply you can disinfect and refill your emergency water storage container or if needed, bring the container to fill at an emergency water distribution site.

Order Today

EWEB customers can pre‐order an emergency water supply storage container at http://www.eweb.org/WaterBottleOrder.aspx for pick‐up in October 2015. Four‐container limit per household; available while supplies last.

Due to limited supplies, we are asking customers who previously received containers not to pre-order at this time. This will allow other EWEB customers to participate, and we all win when our entire community is prepared for an emergency. Thank you for your cooperation.