Multi-Neighborhood Meeting About the South Willamette Special Area Zone Design Code Proposal

Multi-Neighborhood Meeting in South Eugene

Invited Panelists: Jennifer Knapp (City of Eugene Planning Division), Will Dowdy (City of Eugene Planning Division), Terri Harding  (City of Eugene Planning Division), Mia Nelson (1000 Friends of Oregon), Duncan Rhodes (Southeast Neighbors), John Lawless (Friendly Street Neighbors). Lanie Millar (South Willamette Neighbors) and Ralph McDonald (South Willamette Neighbors).
Program Coordinators: Heather Sielicki and Juan Carlos Valle

Join Southeast, Southwest Hills, Friendly, and Amazon neighbors to to share viewpoints and come to a deeper understanding on the issues surrounding the South Willamette Special Area Zone design code proposal.

When: Wednesday, September 16 at 7:00pm – 9:00pm
Where: Good Samaritan Society Eugene Village, 3500 Hilyard St, Eugene, Oregon 97405

The meeting will begin with short presentations from the City of Eugene Planning Division, 1000 Friends of Oregon, South Willamette Neighbors, and neighbors in support of the South Willamette Special Area Zone. City Councilors and neighborhood association leaders, and audience members will ask questions of the panelists.

  • 7:00 pm: Introductions by Heather Sielicki (Southeast Neighbors) and Juan Carlos Valle (South Hills Neighborhood Association) [5 minutes]
  • 7:05 pm: Plan Introduction/Background – Jennifer Knapp, Will Dowdy, Terri Harding (City of Eugene Planning Division) [10 minutes]
  • 7:15 pm: Plan Opposition Presents Lanie Millar and Ralph McDonald (S. Willamette Neighbors) [10 minutes]
  • 7:25 pm: Plan Supporters Present Duncan Rhodes (Resident of Southeast Neighbors) and John Lawless (Resident of the Friendly Street Neighbors) [10 minutes]
  • 7:35 pm: Statewide Perspective Mia Nelson (1000 Friends of Oregon) [5 minutes]
  • 7:40 pm: Q&A from Councillors and Neighborhood Associations [30 minutes]
    • Councillor Brown and Councillor Taylor will ask 1 question about the proposal to panel [10 minutes]
    • Southeast, Southwest Hills, Friendly, and Amazon neighborhood leaders will ask 1 questions about the proposal to panel [20 minutes]
  • 8:10 pm: Short break to collect audience questions [10 minutes]
  • 8:20 pm: Questions from the Audience [30 minutes]
  • 8:50 pm: Next steps in the process Terri Harding (City of Eugene Planning Division) [10 minutes]
  • 9:00 pm: Adjourn

City Club Presents: South Willamette Special Area Zone

Guest Speakers: Eben Fodor, South Willamette Neighbors; and Bill Randall, Chair, Eugene Planning Commission
Program Coordinator: Jon Belcher

The Eugene City Council will hold a public hearing on October 19th to the proposal to create a South Willamette Special Area Zone. At the hearing, citizens can express their opinions about the long-range plan that covers the area from 23rd to 32nd Avenue roughly between the base of College Hill and Amazon Parkway.

If approved, the plan will redefine the forms of buildings that will be allowed within the area. That will mean lowering allowed building heights in some areas and raising them in others. The City Club’s September 18th program reflects the great interest in the controversial proposal.

Eben Fodor will share his perspective on the plan. Fodor is a planning consultant with Fodor & Associates. He is affiliated with South Eugene Neighbors, whose website describes it as “an organization formed by residents of South Eugene concerned about the City’s decision-making process, the lack of resident involvement, and the potential adverse impacts of the proposed rezoning on livability.’’

Bill Randall helped craft the plan as a Eugene Planning Commissioner. The Planning Commission advises Eugene’s City Council and the city staff on a variety of policy matters. Randall is a local architect who specializes in energy efficient sustainable design.

Andrew Fisher, chair of the Friendly Area Neighbors will ask the first question. Then City Club members will engage the speakers in a Q&A session.

When: Friday, September 18, 2015 from 12:05 to 1:20 pm
Where: Downtown Athletic Club, 3rd Floor Ballroom

City Club of Eugene programs are now being aired on Community Television of Lane County (Comcast channel 29) Monday through Friday at 12:30 pm, Saturday at 10:30 am, and Sunday at 9:00 pm.  For more information contact CTV29 at 541.790.6616, or email:

Use the links below for more information on zoning and design code updates within the Special Area Zone.

Proposed Design Code Information:

South Willamette Special Area Zone:

South Willamette Neighbors Web Site (opposition group):

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