What’s Happening at Amazon Pkwy and 29th Avenue?

You may have already noticed some changes to the path and sidewalks at the 29th Avenue and Amazon Pkwy intersection. Current signage suggests that people on bikes traveling east on 29th Avenue toward Amazon Park use the sidewalk on the south side of 29th Avenue to cross Amazon Pkwy in the crosswalk. This was an uncomfortable maneuver if other users were present on the sidewalk because it was narrow and failing in several locations.  The project will rebuild and widen the sidewalk from Ferry Street to Amazon Pkwy.

In addition, there will be additional concrete added to provide a more natural transition from the 29th Avenue sidewalk to the southbound Amazon Path west of Amazon Pkwy.  This will include a more gradual curve transition as opposed to the previous 90-degree angle.  A portion of the southbound path, which is currently cracking, will be reconstructed.

The trees, which were not healthy, were removed to provide room for a larger stormwater swale and planter beds that are more appropriate for stormwater processes.  The existing bike shelters were also removed and donated to the Springfield School District.

The project should be completed by December 2015 and is partially funded by the 2012 Pavement Bond Measure with substantial contributions from city stormwater funds.  Email Reed Dunbar, Transportation Planner, with questions.

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