Leaf Collection and Delivery Program

Eugene’s leaf program dates back to the 1960s. Initially a basic flood-control service, the leaf program has evolved over the years to include significant benefits in the areas of water quality, natural resource recycling and community service.

Although Nov. 16 is the formal start of collection and delivery services, City sweeper crews have been vacuuming priority bike lanes for several weeks. Crews will be working in the Central zone. West of Hilyard Street, East of Chambers Street, between 6th Avenue and 28th Avenue, to 29th Avenue. South zone leaf collection has not yet begun. 

Eugene’s leaf program is funded by stormwater fees because proper use and disposal of leaves keeps decaying leaves out of local creeks and rivers and helps prevent localized flooding caused by blocked storm drains.

Eugene residents can look up their address and see when collection is scheduled on their street and order leaf deliveries (nearly 75% of the leaves collected from streets goes to local residents who value leaves as mulch and compost material).

Zone Lookup Map – by Address
Enter your address in this app to find out what collection zone you are in and when to expect collection. Information is updated weekly, so be sure to check back for up-to-date information.

Zone (s)

First Round Collection

Second Round Collection

Central Nov 16 to Nov 20    Dec 28 to Dec 31
West/North/South Nov 23 to Dec 24
(No collection Nov 26 & 27)
Jan 4 to Jan 29
(No collection Jan 18)

For more information about Eugene’s leaf collection and delivery services, go to www.eugene-or.gov/leaf or call Eugene Public Works Maintenance at 541-682-4800.

Online Leaf Program Services (Seasonal, between November and January)

Leaf Delivery Request Form
Leaf delivery is based on availability, haul distance and adequate dump space. Loads vary in size, but are approximately seven cubic yards. Minimum delivery request is one load. Deliveries are typically scheduled to correspond to zone pick-up areas.

Bike Lane Service Request Form
Provide us with information about safety hazards in the bike lanes such as leaves, dirt, glass, vegetation or other debris. Leaves and other debris in bike lanes are hazardous to bicyclists.

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