“Moonlight” Streetlights

A project is under way to install LED fixtures on about half of Eugene’s 10,000 streetlights. The project will remove old high-pressure sodium fixtures and replace them with modern, efficient LED lights. The goals of the project are to save energy and reduce maintenance costs over the long term. The new fixtures use about a third of the energy used in the old fixtures. The LEDs are designed to last 20 years, versus five years for the old fixtures. A state Energy Incentive Program grant will pay a substantial portion of the $1.7 million project.

Residents will notice that the new lights are whiter, but not brighter, than the old lights. The old lights give off a yellow or orange hue, while the new lights give off a light color that is similar to moonlight. This makes it easier to correctly identify the color of objects lit up by the LED lights, which enhances public safety.


For more information, contact retrofit project manager Patrick Cox at 541-682-5331.

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