Volunteer Opportunity to Help Prevent Child Abuse

9030The 90by30 Initiative is a county-wide effort with one bold goal: to reduce child abuse and neglect 90% by 2030 in Lane County, Oregon.

We are recruiting for a Southeast Neighbors representative for their Regional Leadership Team (RLT). The representative would serve as a liaison between the two groups. A RLT team member volunteer time typically ranges from 1 or 2 hours per week.

  • Attend a standing 2 hour monthly team meeting.
  • Join a work group of interest (ex: team recruitment, conducting community survey outreach, April’s Child Abuse Prevention Month)
  • Report back to the SEN board and provide newsletter or web site articles to support existing efforts within the community.

Please contact Brittany Hinchcliffe at <bhinchcl@uoregon.edu> for more information or to sign up to volunteer.

About 90by30

90by30 was born out of frustration that Lane County rates of neglect and abuse remain unacceptably high coupled with a core belief, because of great advancements in the field, that child abuse and neglect can be dramatically reduced and prevented.

Countless Lane County residents, agencies, governmental units, civic groups and schools have been working for decades to reduce child abuse and neglect, and to support child victims and families.

A new, more coordinated and prevention-rich approach that adds value to existing efforts is needed. 90by30, along with its many community partners, is developing a county-wide strategic plan that draws on the framework of Collective Impact, public health prevention strategies, and known child abuse and neglect risk and protective factors.

90by30 is supported by private foundations and donors and housed at the Center for the Prevention of Abuse and Neglectwithin the College of Education at the University of Oregon