School Garden & Lunch Revitalization Conversation at Charlemagne 

What are the opportunities and dilemmas in re-establishing an edible school garden at Charlemagne? 

What are the opportunities and challenges in improving school lunch?
Are these conversations connected?

What would it take to fully engage our community in supporting such initiatives?

What: You’re invited to share in initial discussions about the possibilities of re-establishing an edible school garden and improving school lunch with the recently relocated 4J elementary school community.

Why: Edible school gardens demonstrate the transformative power of growing, cooking, sharing food, and building community. They help kids learn experientially to make lifelong healthy eating choices and see the connections between their own health and the health of the environment. School lunch is another opportunity for healthy choices.

When: 1/19 PTO Meeting 6:30 pm

Where: Charlemagne Elementary 3875 Kincaid St, Eugene OR 97405

Contact: Kadri Jacobsen at or 541-484-5719