Trust the Neighbors: An Introduction to Community-Based Planning Presented by Paul Conte

Join your neighbors and Paul Conte on Wednesday, January 13 for a lively evening that will provide you the tools and confidence to take charge of planning your own neighborhood community’s future.

  • What: Trust the Neighbors: An Introduction to Community-Based Planning Presented by Paul Conte
  • When: Wednesday, January 13th, 7-10pm
  • Where: Tsunami Books, 2585 Willamette St.

What you will learn:

  • What “community-based planning” means in practical terms
  • The foundational ethics and principles of community-based planning
  • Basic organizational requirements for community-based planning
  • Basic process requirements for community-based planning
  • Key documents in a community-based plan
  • The typical arguments against community-based planning and how to counter them
  • How to mitigate the risks that arise during community-based planning
  • Oregon’s Goal One – Citizen Involvement and what the means for you and your neighbors
  • The “refinement plan” – Oregon’s statutory form of community-based plan
  • Applying community-based planning to the South Willamette Street area and other “organic” neighborhoods
  • How community-based planning fits into regional planning and “Envision Eugene”
  • The role of City-charted neighborhood organizations in community-based planning

Who should participate:

  • Residents (including homeowners and renters), local business proprietors, property owners and anyone active in community institutions and organizations (such as schools) who are committed to the long-term health, vitality and livability of their neighborhood community
  • Board members of city-charted neighborhood organizations
  • Professional planners
  • City officials, including city councilors and members of boards and commissions
  • Anyone who wants to empower and assist neighborhood members in planning their own “best future.”

Admission fee:

  • There is no required fee; however, when you sign in, you will be politely urged to pledge a donation of $1.00 to $25.00 to Community Supported Shelters (

About the presenter:

Paul has been active in supporting Eugene neighborhoods for many years. He served on the board and as co-chair of the Jefferson Westside Neighbors. Paul was a member of the Planning Team member that wrote the Westside Neighborhood Plan (a refinement plan). Along with his neighbors, Paul led the successful development of the Jefferson-Westside Special Area Zone, which the City Council adopted unanimously and which remains the only Eugene zone that incorporates infill compatibility standards. Paul also worked with former City Councilor Bonny Bettman to have the City Council adopt “Opportunity Siting” as the City’s primary strategy for mixed-use development in established neighborhoods. Paul co-chaired the Envision Eugene Committee on Mixed-Use Development. Paul enjoys competitive tomato raising and pulling spears from his back.

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