Online Open House for the Oregon Pedestrian and Bicycle Plan

The Draft Oregon Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan is available and the time to provide public comment is now.

The Oregon Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan influences walking and biking policy across the state. It is a Statewide Policy Plan and serves as an element of the Oregon Transportation Plan (OTP), which covers all modes of transportation in the state of Oregon.

Prioritization of needs and selection of walkway and bikeway projects are developed in processes that follow Plan adoption and will use the framework this Plan provides.

The online open house allows you to review summary information from each chapter of the Plan, take notes and provide comments. You can also review the Plan’s Executive Summary.

The public comment period will be open through February 18, 2016. Once the comment period closes, comments will be forwarded to the Plan’s Policy Advisory Committee for consideration and provided to the Oregon Transportation Commission when the Plan moves forward for adoption.