Good Earth Home & Garden Show

The Good Earth Home and Garden show starts Friday, Jan. 22, at 5 p.m., and runs through Sunday, Jan. 24, until 5 p.m. City staff will be on hand to answer questions and provide plenty of tips about composting, soil, beneficial bugs and how using fewer chemicals reduces runoff from yards and business properties into the stormwater system and waterways.

Creating Green and Resilient Neighborhoods

On Saturday, January 23, 4 PM at the Cascades Stage, check out the “Creating Green and Resilient Neighborhoods” presentation. The presentation will touch on what can be done to produce more basic needs at home or nearby, such as food, water and energy. Jan Spencer has been transforming his suburban property for 15 years and has a lot to say that can help others transform their properties. Grass to garden, edible landscaping, rain water catchment, solar redesign, food storage, reclaim automobile space, collaborations with neighbors and more.


Jan will also talk about allies assets – including city programs such as Neighborhood Associations, Map Your Neighborhood, emergency preparedness, Neighborhood Watch. Other allies include communities of faith, schools, non profits, ad hoc groups. The presentation will include a look at creative initiatives elsewhere in the Northwest. These allies and assets can all be a part of creating a more green and resilient community.

Finally, the presentation will touch on the benefits to be gained by making our homes, neighborhoods, the community more green and resilient. We green our culture, our economy, we are safer, more secure. Many jobs can be created and we bring out the best in positive human potential. We address virtually all the deepening social, economic and environmental trends many of us are concerned about.

The Home Show is free.

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